Man forces his wife into prostitution and pockets all the money


By Rolling Out

A 54-year-old man is facing jail time after pimping his wife for four years. According to reports by Le Parisian, the man began forcing his wife to have sex with strangers at their home in Meaux, France.

The man, whose name has yet to be revealed, placed ads of his wife on several escort websites and would communicate with customers via texts and email. Three or four customers would arrive at their home everyday. During the sessions, the husband would take the couple’s 5-year-old son and stay with the young boy until the customer was finished.

In all, the woman told authorities that she was forced to sleep with over 2,700 men, some who were rough. She allegedly gave her husband $5K per month and $176K during the four-year span.

The couple has been married for a decade.

They were both arrested on Oct. 20, but the woman will not face charges. Her husband could be sentenced to 10 years in prison on pimping charges if convicted.

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