Little known ways to make your period suck less


March 2, 2016 ‐ By Julia Austin

Do you ever feel completely helpless on your period? Like your happy, positive,sane self is trapped under this grumpy, mean and depressed robot disguised as you? And the cramps, oooooh the cramps. You never know if you need to run to the toilet, get your appendix removed or just bite the corner of the strongest table in your house because it’s just PMS and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

Men don’t understand; they think that they get the brunt of our periods, but they don’t realize that for every time we yell at them, we yell at ourselves 20 times (internally—it’s that mean robot I mentioned before). If you’re a woman, you probably wouldn’t turn down a little help in making your period suck less, so here are a few little-known ways to do it.

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