Lil Boosie Has Half of His Kidney Removed


We recently reported that rapper Lil Boosie posted some devastating news this morning on his Instagram account revealing that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

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Boosie has now gone through kidney surgery but had to pay a pretty penny for the life-saving procedure because he doesn’t have health insurance according to TMZ:

Boosie went under the knife on Tuesday and tells TMZ, the doctors removed half of one of his kidneys. It’s called a nephrectomy, and Boosie says it worked like a charm … docs believe they got all of the cancer.

Boosie says he’s still feeling weak 3 days after the surgery, and his wallet’s definitely feeling it too. He doesn’t have health insurance, so he had to pay $90,000 out-of-pocket!

He feels blessed to have been successful enough that he could foot the life-saving procedure. He’s going to be in a cancer rehab facility for at least 3 weeks, but overall … Boosie calls this a minor setback for a major comeback.

Get well Boosie!

Full article here.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Yeah, that’s the titcek, sir or ma’am

  2. I have known about this man five years ago when his hat emails began to surface at the start of the presidents first termHe was despicable then and he still is now.

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    This looks wonderful!!! They have lemon pound cake at Starbucks, and I like to get a slice from time to time. But I know this would be ten times better!

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