Legendary model B. Smith is reported missing

B. Smith

Legendary model and celebrity restaurateur B. Smith has vanished in the Hamptons according to her husband Dan Gasby and police officials.

Smith, 65, was last seen in Southampton around 11 p.m. Tuesday.  Police  state she was wearing a blue sweater, pink shirt, jeans and black sneakers.

Officials state that Smith took a jitney bus from New York City to Sag Harbor where she shares a home with her husband.  She got off in Southampton, Long Island and hasn’t been seen since.

Earlier this year, Smith told the world that she was battling the advance stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  She sat down in an exclusive interview with “CBS Sunday Morning,” and talked candidly about the disease and how it was ravishing her body.

According to her website, she was the first black woman to grace the cover of Mademoiselle’s in July 1976. She also was the host of “B. Smith With Style,” a nationally syndicated talk show that aired in the mid 1990s on NBC stations across the country, including NBC 4 New York

Anyone who sees Smith or knows her whereabouts should contact police in Sag Harbor at 631-725-0058.

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  2. Oi, Geraldo. Na ocasião do lançamento deste trailer, o diretor do filme entrou em contato comigo e enviou-me uma cópia com legendas em inglês. Mas, quem sou eu, para sacaneá-lo assim, disponibilizando gratuitamente seu conteúdo na internet, infringindo um monte de leis, causando prejuízos e desrespeitando o trabalho do sujeito…

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