Jobless UK man has 15 children with 10 different woman and another kid on the way

40 Kids by 20 Women

By Daily Mail

A jobless man said to have fathered 15 children with 10 different women has revealed he has another baby on the way.

It is estimated Keith MacDonald’s growing brood will end up costing taxpayers more than ¬£2million in benefits.

The 29-year-old, from Sunderland, is set to appear in a TV documentary tonight in which he says his latest child is due very soon.

But despite his most recent partner being heavily pregnant, he tells programme-makers he is still desperate to meet new women – and is even shown trying to chat up love interests at a bus stop.

The documentary, entitled¬†40 Kids by 40 Women, follows a number of so-called ‘mega-dads’ to see how they cope, or fail to cope, with having so many children.

MacDonald denies all 15 of the children he is said to have fathered are his, but boasts of his skill at meeting women and about his fertility.

He tells documentary makers: ‘How many of my ex-girlfriends am I still friends with? None of them. Apart from one and that’s the one that is pregnant now.’

He adds: ‘The last time I had sex was nine months ago and the person’s pregnant.’

MacDonald tells the programme he can’t find work, partly because he is ‘no good at listening’, and spends most of him time playing computer games.

He says he finds it hard to meet new women because of his reputation in Sunderland and is shown in the programme going to Birmingham to ‘pull girls’.

MacDonald has appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show in the past and claims he meets the mothers of his children on public transport.

He previously bragged: ‘It’s easy – they never seem to say no. Just chat them up on the bus.

‘That’s what I do and they never seem to say no. If they like you, they like you. Get their number and text them and arrange to meet when you come off the bus. I just pick them up like that.’

MacDonald’s notoriety grew in 2011 when he tried to fake his own death in a bid to shirk responsibility for his ninth child, according to an ex, who he later beat up.

In November 2012, he was found guilty by Sunderland magistrates of common assault and stealing from one of his ex-partners after a row over a cheese toastie.

He reportedly refuses to use contraception and already had six children by the time he turned 20 – including two kids he claimed he conceived on double-decker buses.

In 2008, he bragged: ‘It’s not my fault – I thought they were all on the pill. I have fun, come through to Newcastle, or go into Sunderland.

‘Lasses keep on coming up to me and I have a laugh with gay men as well.’

Macdonald first became a father at 15 as he left school and has rarely worked since saying he finds it boring. He has previously claimed incapacity allowance for a ‘bad back’.

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