“It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before We Can Own Colored People Again” says NRA President Jim Porter


By Free Wood Post

HOUSTON — It seems new National Rifle Association President (NRA) president Jim Porter may have found himself in a bit of hot water.

Not long ago he made his feelings about the Civil War known when he referred to it as the “War of Northern Aggression.” In that same speech he referred to President Obama as a “fake president” and Attorney General Eric Holder as “rabidly un-American.” However none of those remarks that anyone could deem as racist compare to his remarks made at a recent press conference discussing his new leadership role at the NRA.

“I’m very proud to be taking the lead here at the NRA. We need to really buckle down and strap on our best arguments to defend what is our God-given rights. No more northern folk tryin’ take away what is rightfully ours. I will not stand by and let some liberal-elitists try to ruin what has made this country great, especially a liberal of, you know, a different breed.”

When asked to clarify Porter said,

“I don’t have to clarify. You know gall darn well what I mean. In fact, it’s only a matter of time before we can own colored people again. They sure as hell won’t be our leaders. It’s out-right embarrassing. The War of Northern Aggression made it all possible, and you be best to know it’s all gonna change back. I’ll be on the front lines making sure it happens. I don’t want my grandkids growing up taking orders from a colored man. It’s our God-given right to keep them as property and keep them in line.”

Several at the NRA, including vice president Wayne LaPierre, have since tried to distance themselves from Porter’s remarks. LaPierre said, “They brought him in over me to try and liven things up, calling me boring and rehearsed. Next time they’d be better off just making me president.”

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171 Responses to “It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before We Can Own Colored People Again” says NRA President Jim Porter

  1. I'm says:

    It may be satire but it’s NOT funny!

    • T Jackson says:

      This mother fucker is crazy-try it! You don’t have the right to own anyone!

      • carleine romain says:

        1000% in agreement

        • Rick says:

          You are a silly ass woman. Take that 100% a d shove it up your %$#&$

        • Lh says:

          Get your face blown off and nailed to the cross. Y’all talk too much behind the computers.

        • Rhonda L Jackson says:

          You should ween yourself off the oxycotin before you are completely addicted to heroin. Maybe you would be able to see that you can’t own people.

        • Lakesha Goodwin says:

          Famous Qoute from Harriet Tubman “I feel like I have the right to one of two things freedom or death if I cannot have one I will surely have the other ” I will fight to the death Bitch .., I. WIll fight until Hell freezes over and then we will skate in the ice, you should have lived back then, We are Gods people and we are not going away and we are not going back

          • jose sosa says:

            Tubman also was asked once How many slaves she helped free. She answered and the person said “Wow, that’s a lot” Tubman responded, I could have freed more but they didn’t know they were slaves.” True story.

        • Wanda says:

          So when can we pick up your kids to serve me?

        • C. Maxville says:

          Next you’ll be calling yourself a Christian.

        • Tony Moore says:

          I wish y’all try it. Its the best way to take revenge for my ancestors.

        • Tham says:

          You are 1000% sure to allow this man’s comments that are severely stupid, make you and him sound like complete idiot’s. Get back in your lil hole, we are here, are WE ARE LEADERS!!! GET OVER YOURSELF!!

          • pm. says:

            Tham: The only thing you can lead is your ass straight to hell. With the mentality and your pattern of thinking, I know you don’t call yourself a human being. You are more like the waste that comes from a dog. And, I ask God to forgive me for expressing the truth. You never OWN this country. You never created it. People like you should be grateful to even be allowed to live here. Go get an education and while you are at it, get some common sense,butt hole.

            • K-solo says:

              I can clearly see that everyone on here is so blinded to the fact that the devil wants us to kill each other and keep separating us from ever getting along but God will have the last say so in this world so make your hearts right with God before the end comes or you will spend an eternity in hell with the devil and your ancestors.

              • Amen. Where is all of this hate coming from. BlCk and brown people are good people, we set the bar on being respectful, forthright, honest and great leaders, why aren’t these positive traits in the hearts and minds of some peoe at the top. God does not like ugly and He will jave the last word. Count on that..

        • Juices Malone says:

          Who let this cunt out of the kitchen.

        • yo momma says:

          Carleine Romain please eat shit and die slow hoe!

        • Mike says:

          Bitch I wish you crackers would

        • ARN says:

          You agree black people should be slaves

          • Mychael says:

            Have you not read your Bible don’t you know you’re going in chin for your forefathers transgressions prepare Slaughter for his children because we have been our forefathers sins so you shall bear forth your forefathers same no matter what time. What century you must pay for your forefathers crime going all the way back to 2 Cain plus you had broken the Covenant that God has put on the face of the Earth my Nations you have broke the Covenant the boundary and you must pay the price for what you have broke so with that I say shabbat shalom

            • BMurray says:

              What are the chapter and verse you are quoting “forefather transgressions” that support your black should be a slave? And which covenant did we break?

            • RussellJRJ says:

              Not only are you insane – you are obviously reading a bullshit bible – seek help…PLEASE!

              • Claude says:

                Not really some where in that book it says something about the Sons of Ham and white people claim we are the sons of ham.

                • Marion says:

                  This was done by King James, when he had the Bible rewritten to justify slavery! Wypipo are only 1000 years last out of the slime! They have no culture, their DNA is 98% chimpanzee thy tat is one reason they smell when they sweat or get wet, like the animal they are. Animals do not hve lips or hips! Africans have been on this pnet for over 500 thousand years. They have proven it through the rave robbing, archeology, as they cal it! So please continue to read your Bible and ask God for clarity and understanding. As you read you will be able to descent what has been rearranged and changed. Before there was any history there was Black history!

        • Mollyk says:

          Agree to what

        • Billy says:

          bitch bring your ass to my hood trying to get a colored to own, you will be owned have your meth crackout head white whore on the corner sucking dick..

        • Bilal j says:

          Guys just ignore it’s a troll don’t give her that satisfaction

        • Lucas says:

          Carleine agreed not with the nra guys remark. She was replying in agreement to T Jackson.

          What a sad set of beliefs so many peoole in this country adhere to. Its even more pitiful to think that the tactics of some politicians of herding the uneducated and simple-minded masses through fundamentalist-based propaganda like racism and ignorant value-based agendas is effective. Shame on so many Americans for falling for and finding a need for these rediculously insecure and weakmoralled’leaders’. They care nothing about you and are laughing all the way to the bank.

          • Brenda says:

            Exactly Lucas! It fits their agenda to keep everyone fighting each other so we don’t look behind the curtain to see what shit they are really up to. Most white and/or conservative people do NOT agree with that NRA asshole. No way!

        • Jahad says:

          Fuck you simple trash bitch

        • Darlene says:

          OK don’t let Trump get ur head I trouble we are no longer I the 60’s I ain’t going

        • David says:

          Fucking cunt bitch, eat a black dick and and choke on it.
          Krakka bitch !!!

        • Reg says:

          If you agree 1000% then try starting the process you sick fool, see how far you and that racist man will get.

        • Patrica says:

          Bitch please never gonna happen.

        • D says:

          Bitch please… Try it! We will eat your ignorant Ass 👆 OWN… LMAO!

        • Tee Martin says:

          Agree with what???

        • Beverly says:

          Why are you in agreement with this crazy bastard? You know it will never happen? So stop being an ignorant racist pig.

        • Stephanie says:

          LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! I would really like to know what makes your delusional, bottom feeding, rhesus. MONKEY ass think THAT!!! Y’ALL all hilarious!!!

        • Meme says:

          Kill yourseft bitch!

        • G says:

          Bring it on!!!! I promise you that the results won’t be the same.

        • Tin Man says:


        • Michael says:

          This isn’t the 1900s anymore try that shit and see what happens pig colored person.

        • Latanya Scott says:

          Try it bitch. This is not back in the day. On God you will not succeed. Mark my words.

      • SMOKIN' JOE says:


        • Next says:

          Joe, you really need to look outside of the revisionist history you have come to believe. I can give you references and you can come to your own conclusions if you like. Not debating, but wishing to inform.

        • Lh says:

          The nra didn’t like when the black panthers open carried in their neighborhoods. I hate you lying ass white people. You sick and evil fucks

        • Yvonne says:

          You left out the fact that All those racist Democrats joined the Republican Party. Conservative politics is code for Racists who can’t accept change.

        • Rhonda L Jackson says:

          No the democrats were not the slave owers they were the toothless overseers. The Republicans have always been the party of the rich and powerful who THOUGHT they were special because they had money!

        • Eddie says:

          150 years ago republicans were about equal rights. However that changed drastically in the decades to come. I know its crazy it seemed like they just flipped views gradually. When capitalism took this country by storm during the Industrial period the more money they made the more the views changed.

        • common sense says:

          you need to stop “smokin'” just say no.

        • Mike D says:

          Joe, what they don’t tell you is that the political parties did a complete flip between 1870 and the early 1900s. Democrats at the time were conservative and republicans were liberal. Another way to say it is if todays Republicans were alive back then, they would be Democrats and vice versa. When you bash Democrats of the 1860s, you are actually bashing your own party. Only the name has changed.

        • Our right to vote was in 1960’s not the 1800’s.The republican party use to be for us not anymore by the 40’s,50’sand60’s they were known and still are the party of the KKK know all of history don’t hop,skip and jump around it.

        • Wanda says:

          Let’s try this again
          Democrats where once the Republican party

          Republicans were once the Democratic party. Jesus crow pick up a book ! So they are not your party dump ass. The only change was the name on the box inside the partys are the same,as they are now. The rich breaking unions taking most of your money and getting you to vote against your own interest. Look at how your crying about them gutting your social security, your heathcare because you thought it was for “lazy Black people ” turns out it’s actually for 76% Whites lol! The,Republicans have been screwing you for years. Now l hope you all get what you deserve! Hate brought you Trump, and he will have gas back up to 6 bucks a gal, for closures, and job loss back really quick. Already fruit is rotting on the ground with no migrant workers. maybe you should go down there and get your job please $0.60 an hour and all the Cabbage you can eat.

        • Geri says:


        • Eric says:

          True, democrats were slave owning racists. They switched sides and today they call themselves Republicans. The common demoninator is that they were conservatives then and now.

        • Hopeful says:

          Oh come on. The Republican Party of today has long since being the party of equal rights and the Party of Lincoln. Republicans have all the transplanted “Dixie” democrats and KKK members in it. The Republican Party of today is the old Democratic Party of the pre-civil rights movement. It has no claim to the accomplishments of the original Republican Party.

        • Elysheva Dodi says:

          Learn your history. The parties changed. The Republican Party of that time is not the Republican Party today. Don’t try to sound educated when lacking info

        • Laura says:

          You realize the party’s has completely turned around. I hate that stupid argument. GOP is a bunch of Hypocritical intolerant assholes

        • David Ghee says:

          Another example of FB commenters who are poorly educated. Mary Todd (Lincoln’s wife) grew up in a family of slave owners and she herself owned slaves during their marriage. Read American history before you post.

        • Dick Johnson says:

          Equal rights for who?

        • BMurray says:

          Both parties owned slaves. It was wrong then and it would be wrong today. America will never ago back to them jim crow days it would destroy America for sure.

          • Brenda says:

            Totally agree. Won’t happen. All white people do not hate black people. That’s where most of you seem to have your facts wrong. You’ve been fed bs from Al Sharpton too long. And we’re not all rich! Or privileged. No one in my family ever had enough $$$ to own, rent or borrow another person.

        • Rondell says:

          Not entirely true, you just fail to mention that the two parties ideology switched during Roosevelt’s New Deal erea.

        • Tony says:

          in the sixty they changed the southern dem became republicans their is a fine line between the two

      • SMOKIN' JOE says:

        IT’S FAKE NEWS!

      • Jayne Simpson says:

        How horrible that this would come out of a person’s mouth. Irony happens and so does karma. Disgusting!

      • Frank says:

        That’s right things have change no longer living in the past.

      • J. says:

        The story is completely fake not that I support the NRA

    • Gee says:

      That is not satire!!!!! That’s fucking clear, dont sugar coat a racist!!!!!

    • Frank Dimitri says:

      The NRA should get rid of that good for nothing shit head. I’m a NRA member and I can’t stand people like that.

    • Sam C. says:

      This is more fake news. First reported May 6th, 2013 and was found to be false then.

    • Manu jeffers says:

      This is how he feels and as the leader of the national rifle association can use his ideology to pass laws that kill minorities with no accountability and build more privaye prisons which is ownership of men just like he claimed. A man of his word! When oeoole tell you who they are you had better believe them.

    • J says:

      But satire doesn’t mean comedy. In this case, it’s not meant to be funny, but to point out how messed up such thinking is by taking it to an extreme. And it sure is WAAAAAYYYY messed up!

    • Doris Gross says:

      You enjoy slave jokes?…How about you becoming my Slave..and I am serious. You need to understand a few things…you are “Not A Superior Being”…we are all equal in the site of God…have a seat because you clearly have made a complete Fool of yourself.

    • Doris Gross says:

      The day I become a slave will be a cold day in hell.

    • Teri McKenzie says:

      Go somewhere and several seats, you’ll be dead and stinking before that happens…

    • Donna says:

      He’s not that young and very much overweight; he might not live that long! And God help him if he goes into eternity with that type of record before the judgment; it will be too late to change anything!

    • Ronda says:

      This sure probably be fake but not this story. He’s the problem talking about he don’t want he’s grandkids taking order from a color man. Really, what kind of bs isvthus. Hell the grandkids probably going to take orders from muslims, Hispanic and Asian. Like these racist clown actually feel threatened by us. For what. Til this day they don’t know why they fear us. I be damn even though there racist white ppl in the congress and around this country we still have other white people will stand by us and fight by us. This is ridiculous. I promise racist white ppl are ignorant and lost. Whenbwill they realized we no different than them. We all the same, same blood,we all human all going to die. White ppl are no better than us or any other race. I’m so disgusted by this man and other whites who think like this

    • Emgee says:

      I agree. If this is satire this is only funny to white folk.

  2. Pam Haire says:

    No he’s not crazy. What is crazy is that this county “all of a sudden got some balls and are saying what they’ve been thinking for some time.

    Slave had not options we do. Try it……see what happens.

  3. Dark Horse says:

    Some people are born dumb and stupid. Jim just made the top of that list.

  4. Priscilla Fleming says:

    Try it so I’m sure many of us will be happy to show him how mistaken he is. Time to start arming ourselves!

  5. Elizabeth Parker says:

    Snopes is my go-to to confirm the veracity of articles/stories. While I have no doubt this man is racist, misogynistic, homophobic and friend to all manner of bigots, Snopes.com explains that it was a false news source called Free Wood Post that made up the words in the title of this article.

    “Free Wood Post is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within FreeWoodPost.com are fiction, and presumably fake news.”


    • nitedogger says:

      Thank you too Elizabeth Parker. This false media is going way out of hand. We’re not looking for going back in time that way.

  6. Missy says:


  7. Shawn Hayes says:

    Elizabeth thanks for clearing that b.s up !

  8. Queen says:

    We are not our grandparents! try it!

  9. Dutch Prior says:

    This ain’t 1855 nigga. You try enslaving me, and I’ll put a “colored” baby in your wife and your daughter as soon as you leave on a business trip lmao. Now I’m the Step Daddy AND the Son-in-Law. Own these nuts in your mouth bitch.

  10. Sara says:


    It is satire and they need to quit this bs causing unnecessary issues. All media needs to quit with false narrative, partial facts, showing only part of a story to fit their narrative. They are becoming just as bad as this satire media

  11. James ALI Bashir says:

    What “Resposible” Leader Would Make Such A Vile Statement 😳? Racist Idiots Like This Are Hell Bent On Destroying Humanity, Because Modern Blacks That Are Armed With The Knowledge Of The Past , And A Great Number If Civilized Whites And Those Of Interracial People ( Which Happens To Be Most Of Americans ) Thanks To This Gutless Pecker Wood = “RACIST” Whites, Spinless Predecessors!!! Would Certainly Fight And Yes Die Before Going Back To That Shyt Again, But This Time There Would Be “MILLIONS MORE” Nat Turners to deal with… What A Prehistoric Ass Hole👀

  12. TC says:

    He better go reread the Bible!

  13. RudeBaller says:

    What’s funny is Trump gave these idiots enough balls to speak up and speak out again! I’m not my great great grandparents and cousins? Try this and you open a can you won’t close! These racist MF should be locked up for these ignorant racist. Jim, is a bozo that has a title and think his opinions matter? We are armed and ready for y’all to try this one.

  14. Its already been clarified that the statement is false

    • SMOKIN' JOE says:


      • Even if it was fake , what happen to our ancestras way back then could never happen again, there more afraid of now than ever . NOW there’s a NEW BREED of colored people, and not at all like our ANCESTRAS . 😡 Oh I hate it for you. Hahaha

      • Brenda says:

        They’ve been fed bs for so long they believe every last nasty thing they hear. It’s all bs crap. There are some ignorant kkk types, but very small minority. They are way outnumbered by those of us who do believe we all bleed the same red blood, no one better than the next. We need to identify as Americans 1st & foremost. Don’t let elite racists of any color divide & conquer us. That whole New World Order is a real thing & we all need to fight against that. Most/all Washington insiders are for it. That’s why they all tried to ruin Trump, he’s an outsider. Hopefully, he will drain the swamp, help people get back to work so we don’t have time for this stupid fighting any more. Most people – of all colors, religion, etc. – just want to live free & take care of their families. That should be what unites us. We are the majority of America.

  15. Terrance says:

    Thanks Elizabeth Parker..with all the problems we are having we can not afford to let this insanity of fake news to go un checked or challenged.. black people have been feeling the pressure of bigotry, racism and discrimination for a very long time and the very thought an idea of enslavement as silly as it definitely sounds.. is more then enough to provoke outrage and anger on the part of black folks..and that is completely understandable and anyone who can not understand it is simply living in a state of perpetual cognitive distance..so I thank you once again Elizabeth for pointing this fake news source..🍾

  16. BROCK says:

    I wonder how many idiots will believe that this is real instead of understanding it is just satire. Nothing like adding a little fuel to the racism fire. This story is not only in bad taste, but comes at a time when it could be dangerous. Writing false stories (satire) can be fun, but this one is poorly timed.

    • Gwen Jordan says:

      Being enslaved IS NEVER FUNNY !!!

    • Dutch Prior says:

      Idiots huh? As if America didn’t just elect an openly racist coward to the office of President. As if the FBI didn’t single handedly destroy the black power movement. As if peaceful protestors aren’t referred to as thugs and animals. Get the fuck out of here. As if cops didn’t shoot and kill a baby playing with a bb gun in the park. As if known neo Nazi supporters aren’t part of trumps cabinet. You are the weakest link. Get your head out of your ass.

  17. Larry says:

    In response Jim Porter, National Rifle Association President, every single American should call for him to be fired, And withdraw their membership and support from this bigoted, unAmerican origination.

  18. feniqx says:

    Stop being side tracked. My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Stop getting mad and get the facts. Please…

  19. Enna says:

    Instead of these honkeys learning a little sense they are getting more dumb and stupid everyday no honkey will ever own nobody when I deal with one now I have a 357 magnum in my presence that tell you that you will never own me better not even look at me funny that dam bastard that said that he need about 5 blacks in his house so they can take his body apart and scatter it all over his property to make the grass grow. Or kill it now I own what you got because you are not here like I said you want be here to see it.

  20. Militant says:

    When I say psychotic this is an example of it at its finest! First of all what time frame is he living in? What are you going to say to my people in order to get them to comply with being slaves again? Hey yall niggers get in these chains and come to my plantation! We have weapons, we have trained soldiers and warriors. We actually own things and we are educated. However unlike in the past we are not afaid. There are Black Nat Turners who still feel life would be better if they erased them of the face of the earth. White are not the majority Blacks and Latinos are and soon Asians who are growing everyday! You cannot just send tankers into Chicago and think you are going to just kill off Black people. Trump has given them a lot of false confidence but in 4 years he will be back in his home office laughing. All he wanted to do is Win he does care about the racist or anyone else for that matter! This man is old and he needs to rethink how he wants to spend the rest of his natural life.

  21. Militant says:

    Furthermore there are a lot of White people who hate this kind of racism and hate Trump! Who is to say that these White people who stand for right will not take a bullet to either heads! There is such a thing as being over confident and full of fear!

  22. Jose Quinones says:


  23. Andrés Rieloff says:

    MAN is not truly CIVILIZED. Period! ” As long as MAN keeps on killing MAN ” we can’t call ourselves truly CIVILIZED. I know that I and many generations to come won’t be around to see it. Maybe a million years from now. Mayyyybe!

  24. Eli says:

    that aint happening.. We’re NEVER going back to that. We’ll all die before that happens..

  25. Kenny says:

    Lies the fukk he tells!

  26. Shane says:


    “The NRA was started, 1871, right here in New York state. It was started by some Yankee generals who didn’t like the way my southern boys had the ability to shoot in what we call the “War of Northern Aggression.” Now, y’all might call it the Civil War, but we call it the War of Northern Aggression down south (emphasis added.) But that was the very reason that they started the National Rifle Association—it was to teach and train the civilian in the use of the standard military firearm. And I am one who still feels very strongly that that is one of our most greatest charges that we can have today, is to train the civilian in the use of the standard military firearm, so that when they have to fight for their country they’re ready to do it. Also, when they’re ready to fight tyranny, they’re ready to do it. Also, when they’re ready to fight tyranny, they have the wherewithal and the weapons to do it.”

  27. Vincent says:

    This is how you start up controversy just to sell more guns. Go buy another gun, more money for the elite. It doesn’t matter if he’s racist or not the idea is stirred up trouble to people to go out and buy more guns it’s how to make more money.

  28. Versie says:

    O yeah let em try

  29. Princess says:

    That will happen when Hell freezes over and Satans running around in a tutu with icesicles hanging from his nutts. We are not our passive ancestors and we all have guns….legal and illegal. This man needs to be in a psych ward.

  30. Princess says:


  31. Solame says:

    Try it you won’t win Idiot It will be WAR!!!!!

  32. Buckwoods says:

    Not real morons! Use some common sense!

  33. Descendant of Nat Turner says:

    For the racist pricks posting….tread lightly.

    For the brothers and sisters….watch your backs. These melanin challenged racist are not your friends. They pretend to like and respect you with those thin, tight lipped smiles and blue eyes that are not warm and caring, but cold and calculating

    Remember the lyrics of the song, by the group Undisputed Truth:

    Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend.
    Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within.

    Smiling faces, Smiling Faces, Sometimes they don’t tell the truth.
    Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies and I got proof.
    The truth is in the eye ’cause the eyes don’t lie, amen.
    Remember, a smile is just a frown turned upside down my friend.
    So, hear me when I’m saying

    Smiling faces, Smiling Faces, Sometimes they don’t tell the truth.
    Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies and I got proof.
    Beware. Beware of the handshake that hides the snake,
    I’m tellin’ you beware of the pat on the back it just might hold you back.
    Jealousy, (Jealousy) misery, (misery) envy.
    I tell you you can’t see behind

    Smiling faces, Smiling Faces, Sometimes they don’t tell the truth.
    Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies and I got proof.
    Your enemy won’t do you no harm, ’cause you’ll know where he’s comin’ from;
    don’t let the handshake and the smile fool ya.
    Take my advice I’m only tryin’ to school ya.

    Smiling faces, Smiling Faces, Sometimes they don’t tell the truth.

    • Brenda says:

      And sometimes what is blue eyes white people say is the truth. No race war, we are all bleed red. I’m not a racist & don’t support anyone who is. Trump has hired blacks, women & other minorities. Look at Omarorosa working in the White House. Dr. Ben Carson. I don’t know all the names, but there’s other women, an Asian lady. It’s about trying to get the best people for the job. Sure $$, who ya know probably helped for some also, but race doesn’t exclude anyone from being on his team. Jesse Jackson honored Trump decades ago for his nondiscriminatory practices in communities & work. Something like that. He said 1 thing about inner cities & so many shout racist. Most inner cities are democrat run shitholes. It has nothing to do with color, white people love in the city too! Open your eyes to some real news, not someone’s regurgitation of crap they want you to think. Most crap on tv, internet is fake or at least skewed news. Most people do Not want or need a race war. Let’s just all be Americans & respect each other’s differences, celebrate our differences whenever possible.

  34. Al says:

    Daily reminder that almost every disadvantage black people face in the world today is due to having a very low average IQ.


    • The NPP says:

      As a person who has educated “those too stupid to learn”, I refute this study. It’s been my experience that, when educated correctly, any person or any type can become geniuses.
      The problem is that it takes time and effort to correctly ID the best way to reach low learning people and when you’ve got 30 people in a classroom, ya just cannot spend the required effort and time to do so.

    • Beverly says:

      Same as the disadvantage white people with low IQ.

  35. The NPP says:

    Snopes says this is a LIE.
    Thank you for Bearing False Witness against this man. It has been noted for the record. You know, the record that is reviewed after you pass from this place. Yeah, THAT record. The Boss is not keen on those who Bear False Witness against people.
    So good luck with this one.

  36. Kevin says:

    My brothers and sisters don’t get yourselves in a up roar. These are just ignorant comments meant to get a rise out of minorities.They know and We know that this the country would be burned down to the bedrock before that asinine situation would occur!! If the alt right was as intelligent as they THINK they are they would be trying to build bridges with EVERY American before Russia,Iran,China and North Koria get here. I know i for one will not be engaging in any TRUMP wars and either are any of my neices or nephews.The GOP better get their privileged kids ready for the Front Lines

  37. Jackson says:

    http://www.blackinsurancenews.com is actually a website made to fool people of color. They want our brothers and sisters to retaliate against white people by consistently posting media to lure you us into hate. They want us to hate them and so many of us our buying into it.

  38. Dee Pee says:

    Racist piece of shit. Give that a try! I’d just love to shoot yiur ass with my rifle! Yeah we have guns too and can carry them concealed….now go put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  39. Black and Proud says:

    This is 2017 Not 1800’s I wish he would try to enslave African Americans. This is a new generation we are not our great great parents. The world would come to an end.

  40. Frank says:

    You’ve got no RIGHT to own nobody period!

  41. Ballista says:

    Though the story is satire, the comments, by and large, are not.
    Makes me glad Frump is your president – cos he’s going down the pan and hopefully taking all you rednecks with him
    Especially the so-called ‘Christian’ ones. You’d make Christ throw up, you would.

  42. Sue says:

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    stuff from. I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity,
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