In Jail: Mother beats her child down for flushing rent money down the toilet


By Rolling Out

A mother in Orange County, Florida was jailed after her child made a horrible mistake. According to theOrlando Sentinel, the incident began after Danielle Whipple’s child wanted her to watch a movie.

However, Whipple, 24, refused to watch the movie and the child became upset. While frustrated, the child took $720 of the family’s rent money and flushed all of it down the toilet. Whipple became infuriated and began yelling at the child. At some point, Whipple began hitting the child. Whipple’s roommate heard the commotion and called authorities.

When police arrived, the child, whose age was not released, had a black eye and bloody nose. Whipple was immediately arrested and feared that she would lose custody of her child. She currently faces a felony child abuse charge, and the child was released to the custody of Whipple’s boyfriend.

It’s clear that Whipple lost control after the child threw away the rent money, but she took things a bit too far by viciously abusing the child.

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