Human DNA found in vegetarian hot dogs

human dna

By Rolling Out

A recent study released by, has shed a disturbing light on one of America’s favorite food, hot dogs. The study took 345 samplings from 75 different brands of hot dogs and examined these samples at the molecular level. The results were rather disturbing and should cause some hot dog lovers to pause before putting another one in their mouth. According to the report findings:

·         Human DNA was found in 2 percent of samples- 2/3 of the human DNA samples were vegetarian products.

·         Ten percent of vegetarian products contained meat: We found chicken in a vegetarian breakfast sausage and pork in a vegetarian hot dog.

·         Pork where no pork should be: We found pork substitution in 3 percent of the samples. In most cases pork was substituted for chicken or turkey. We found that this issue occurred in products of all price ranges.

·         14.4 percent of the hot dogs and sausages we tested were problematic.

·         Four of the 21 vegetarian samples we tested had hygienic issues. Vegetarian items accounted for 67 percent of the hygienic issues found in the report.

The study goes on to list the top 5 five brands of hot dogs with a score of 90 or better as a recommended choice for consumers.

1.      Butterball – 96

2.      McCormick – 96

3.      Eckrich – 96

4.      Hebrew National – 96

5.      Simply Balanced – 93

The full report can be viewed online at : Hot dog Report

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