How to potty train your child in three days


By Your Modern Family

Here is your sneak peek at my potty training method: For those of you who know me personally, you know that this can be done because I have trained each of my children this way.

There isn’t anything special about it, it is just consistency and a lot of time involved in the training (well, for those three days).

It was a method passed onto me from my Grandma (she taught her four children this way)- it worked for them and it has worked for us… good, old fashioned potty training.  We have four kids and they were all trained the exact same way and each in a weekend.   They were each trained by their second birthday.

I am not one of those Moms that feels like they will get it when they are ready, I wanted our children to be taught to use the potty and to wear underwear.  It was easier for our family and I knew that they could do it, so they did!  I just didn’t want our kids to have to sit around in their own soiled pants for any longer than they had to, so giving them the gift of early training was one way that I felt I could help.

How do you potty train? Here is the break-down of how I do this.

First:  I think that each child has a window of when they are ready to be trained.  Look for these signs starting around 16-20 months: Watching you (or bigger siblings) go to the bathroom Pretending to go to the bathroom on the potty or pretending to wipe Interested in body parts Having a dry diaper for more than an hour   In my eyes, these are readiness signs.

Jump on board!  If you miss this opportunity, it may be a while before this window is open again!

What do you need? 
You need a training toilet.   THIS IS THE ONE THAT WE HAVE AND I LOVE IT!!! 
Since your child is young and may not talk well, pick a sign for toilet (or make a sign that you and your child will understand).  None of my kids were talking well enough to tell me that they had to go when I was potty training them.

Second- Pick a weekend or three day span where you have no where to be.  I do not go out during this time.  With our third son, I actually picked a week where my husband was off so that he could take the other kids where they needed to be (preschool, sports, etc…) while I stayed home to train our third son, our then 23 month old.    I needed him to watch the other kids while I focused my attention on the potty trainer.   (I will tell you the story of why you need an extra pair of eyes in my book!)  

Third- I leave them naked. (again, more details in the book- I don’t leave them completely naked, but pretty close!)

Fourth- I block off an area or room of the house FOR A FEW HOURS ON DAY #1… The reason for this is that I could not follow him all around the house and be able to watch his every move. In the book, I will share some good choices of where to go and what you want to have in that area with you (this part is important, too). He and I just play in that area all day.

Now onto the method:
In intervals, I take him, place him on his training potty and say “Go pee.” in a happy voice. In my book, Potty Train in A Weekend, I teach you EXACTLY what to do, since there are a lot of questions on the is one.

IMPORTANT: When they start to pee on the floor (and they will!) you have to QUICKLY run over, grab them and run them to the potty.  Again, I will tell you exactly what you need to do in my book, but you will have to get them to the potty quickly, so that they can see that they have peed in the potty.   This is really important, so when you read this chapter, pay attention to the details!   This  all changes on Day 2 & 3.   It gets harder and easier.   (so pay attention to those chapters, too!)

REGRESSION:  They may regress and they probably will.  That’s ok!  Just keep up with the suggestion on the regression chapter, because I don’t know a child yet that hasn’t regressed at some point, but it doesn’t have to last long!

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