Here are 8 vegetables you can keep growing and growing and growing and….


By Positive Gardening

Using fresh scraps you can start growing your own indoor garden! Think of all the money this will save you in the long run.

Yes, it requires some time and effort on your part but, the benefits will surely out way any negatives you may think this technique has. Just keep in mind that they need sufficient light and water to better grow and it is strongly recommended not using stuff that has been composing for weeks. A Large garden and or a farm is not required for these vegetables and these vegetables can be planted indoors.

Below is a list of vegetables that can planted indoors and purchase only once in your lifetime:

1. Scallions 


Think twice before throwing their roots out, just leave an inch of scallion remaining on the root, place in a glass of water and watch them grow back.

2. Garlic 


Garlic sprouts are a delicious way to add flavor to your dishes and salads. Once the sprouting has began place them in a dish with a little water and enjoy the results.

3. Bok Choy


In a room with a lot of sunlight, place the Bok Choy roots in some water, they should be ready for real soil in a couple of weeks .

4. Carrots 


Love your greens? Well carrot greens can be regrown from carrot tops, just put them in a dish with some water in good sun light and have fresh greens for your salad.

5. Basil


Want to grow your own Basil? It’s simple just put a few basil clippings that have around 4 inches of stem in a glass of water (change the water from time to time as it tends to get slimy). You’ll soon have your very own home grown basil.

6. Celery


Reuse the stem of the celery to grow a new one, placing the leftover celery bottom in some water it will start to grow and be ready for soil in a few days.

7. Romaine lettuce 


Once you’ve placed the bottom of the lettuce head in some water and new leaves appear, it can be transferred to soil and it might grow back twice its size.

8. Cilantro


In just a few months you can have your very own cilantro plant, once the stems are placed in some water, they will start to grow and when the root is long enough, plant it in some soil and get ready to be amazed.

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