Glass Bridge in China Cracks and Shatters Under Tourists’ Feet

Glass Suspension Bridge Is Open To The Public In Hunan

By Dr. Misse Harris

Tourists screamed in horror while on the transparent walkway on the face of Yuntai Mountain, when a glass pane shattered under their feet.

One of the tourists posted photos of the cracks on social media in China, saying she had felt the shake under her feet when the glass broke, according to People’s Daily Online.

Attached to a face of Yuntai Mountain in Henan Province, the U-shaped transparent platform opened to the public on September 20. Authorities have confirmed the incident and said the tourist site was closed for repairs.

According to a Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot spokesman, management evacuated tourists and closed the walkway until further notice.

The spokesman said the cracks were caused by a tourist dropping a stainless steel mug on the glass surface. He added that the impact only shattered one of three glass layers and that there had been no danger to the tourists.

Management of the tourist attraction confirmed in a statement on Tuesday that their staff had found a number of cracks near the exit of the walkway during regular checks. Due to safety concerns, they have decided to close the platform.

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