Florida Racial Justice Seminar Crashed By White Nationalists


By TheGrio.com

A South Florida racial justice training course was interrupted on Saturday by a white nationalist group who call themselves Identity Europa. The incident scared the organizers and attendees alike, they were fearful they were going to get shot like the victims of Dylann Roof’s church attack in South Carolina.

Lutze Segu, a social justice educator and activist was hosting a seminar in Wilton Manors, FL when the white nationalist group barged in with a banner that read, “NO REGRETS. We apologize for nothing.”

The banner was in protest of the subject matter of the seminar which urges people to come together to stand up against white supremacy.

“White supremacy harms all people, including white peoople,” the event page read.

“White supremacy robs us all of genuine human connections. White supremacy is destroying the earth and its inhabitants. White supremacy is polluting our water supply, our air, denying climate change, and suppressing the voices of the most marginalized.”

Since Trump was elected, hate attacks have risen dramatically. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups and crimes, in the two years since Roof’s attack in SC, attacks against Jews, LGBTQ people, immigrants and Muslims have exploded. Read More


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