Ex- NY Cop kills family and himself

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By The Daily Mail

A decorated Upstate New York policeman of 22 years who only retired last month murdered his two teenage daughters before killing himself inside their family home on Saturday afternoon, authorities say.

Glen Hochman, 52, who left the force in January, is believed to have killed daughters Alissa Hochman, 17, and Deanna Hochman, 13, inside the family’s Westchester County house,The Journal News reported, alongside the three family dogs.

He then committed suicide.

The three were were found dead about 3.50pm inside their home in the village of Harrison, about 20 miles northeast of Manhattan.

Police have confirmed that Anamarie Hochman, Glen Hochman’s wife, and Samantha Hochman, the couple’s oldest daughter, were not at home at the time of the incident.

It is unclear how Hochman and his two children died, however WABC are reporting Hochman shot his two girls and then himself.

The network also reported that Hochman and his wife had been having marital issues.

Harrison Police Chief Anthony Marraccini said police went to the home after a person reported that no one was answering the door.

Police found the bodies of Hochman and his daughters at 3:50 p.m.

He said Hochman’s body was found in the garage while the bodies of 17-year-old Alissa and 13-year-old Deanna were found on ‘the main level’ of the house.

Three dogs were shot to death as well, he said.

White Plains Police Commissioner David Chong released a statement identifying the former officer as Hochman, and called the deaths ‘an unfathomable tragedy’.

Chong told The News Journal the department are ‘shocked and horrified by the news’.

‘We can only pray for the family,’ he said.

‘Officer Hochman served this department and the city of White Plains with honor and integrity for over 22 years.’

Last year, Hochman won the department’s life-saving award for keeping an unresponsive man alive until paramedics arrived.

Hochman suffered an Achilles’ injury in early May when he fell while helping a disabled motorist, reports Lohud.

He had time off to recover according to his union lawyer, Warren Roth, who had known Hochman for more than 25 years, since both worked as EMTs with the Harrison ambulance corps.

He said Hochman sought a disability retirement because of the injury but had not been depressed over it as he was planning for retirement soon anyway

‘It’s just devastating to a lot of people,’ Roth said.

‘He was always a quiet, reserved guy, nothing ever seemed to unsettle him. … And he was wonderful with his daughters, a devoted father. That’s the scary part. There was absolutely no seeing this coming.’

Residents of the upper middle-class neighborhood discussed the shootings in quiet tones as they shoveled snow Sunday.

Howard Hollander, 52, an airline pilot who lives five doors down from the Hochmans, said Hochman ‘was always taking care of the property, landscaping, cleaning up the yard.’

‘The girls said hi whenever they passed,’ Hollander said. ‘I remember one was learning to drive and beeped at us as she went by.’

He added, ‘There was no indication at all of any problem, that something like this would happen.’

Another neighbor, Dante Garritano, 52, an engineer, said he went outside when he saw ambulances and police cars Saturday.

‘I walked out and I heard a woman crying, screaming, on her phone, ‘My God, they’re dead. He killed himself,” Garritano said.

In a statement on the Harrison school district’s website, Superintendent of Schools Louis N. Wool said Alissa, a high school senior, and Deanna were ‘both lost to incomprehensible tragedy.’

He said the response of the district community to past tragedies has been inspiring and that he expects the students and staff will be no less resilient this time.

‘In this awful moment, let us remember how proud we are of (the high school community), how much they have helped others and how much they will help others again,’ Wool said.

Harrison High School, opened its campus on Sunday for grief counseling.

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