Educated Women Are Having To ‘Dumb Down’ In Order To Avoid Being Permanently Single


By Metro UK

We’ve all at one point in our misspent youths acted dumb in order to make someone else feel better.

Whether it’s pretending that we don’t know some basic sport rule or have never heard of a not-so-obscure political philosophy, many women are guilty of dumbing down in order to win the hearts of less-impressive guys.

But if you think that ends when we grow up a bit and realise our own self worth, then think again.

Because a depressing study has found that increasing numbers of well-educated women feel like they’re forced to ‘dumb down’ when it comes to searching for a partner in order to avoid remaining single.

In the past, highly educated women tended to remain unattached (that old ‘Blue Stockings’ stereotype must have come from somewhere) but that situation has apparently reversed. The research by the University of Leuven, Belgium, has looked at data from 28 European countries, including the UK, where one man in five is in a relationship with a more highly educated woman.

On average, about 75% women have at least a medium-level of education, compared to just 31% of men. ‘Highly educated women tend to react to the reversed gender gap in education by partnering down, while low-educated men, rather than partnering up, tend to stay single more often,’ the study concludes.

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