Diabetic homeless man who hadn’t taken off his shoe in 10 years


By Wakavision

Warning – do not watch this while you are eating! This is insanely nasty stuff! A homeless man has “allowed” infectious maggots to start farming on his leg!

That’s right. These maggots have created a nice little home for themselves inside some incredibly severe wounds on this man’s legs and feet. The amount of leg pain this man must suffer is unimaginable.

Actually, the maggots could be helping with the foot infection symptoms. If this is the final stage of untreated diabetes, this man probably has none of his toes left and the maggots are probably slowing down the spread of necrosis. Most maggots and worms feed on dead human tissue and leave the remaining tissue virtually unharmed, in theory. This by no means condones the act of allowing any kind of parasite anywhere near your body to try and skip a trip to the doctor’s office! Whether it be ring worm, disease, diabetes, or otherwise, body worms in humans are incredibly dangerous and the outcome is not pretty.

With the amount of maggots living on this man’s legs, we can only imagine if he was able to go to the hospital for his leg pain treatment and infections. At this poor homeless man’s stage of infectious disease, he would probably be forced to suffer amputation. What do you think caused this guy’s legs to get so bad?

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4 Responses to Diabetic homeless man who hadn’t taken off his shoe in 10 years

  1. Dr. Rice says:

    I think they should really do a bilateral below-knee amputation on this poor guy.

  2. CallmecommunistyagreedyconservativeS says:

    Capitalism did this to that man. He had no money how is he going to pay up the doctors. Ofcourse people will laugh at me for the blaming the system and that lazy man brought that to himself but isn’t the looking after each other and helping the poor or unfortunate ones are what we are suppose to do? Of all you people go to church on sunday yet never ever feel sorry then help for those men and other people like your “god “aka jesus told you too? Heh figures… No wonder your god never return… He gave up on us because we are that greedy(740 park ave especially) and that hateful and that much of ignorants. Oh wait if your god comes back then it is the time and he burns all our greedy sorry arse… An apocalypse! even the apocalypse would be better than this…

  3. Stop spreading misinformation says:

    Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin, not a parasitic worm.

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