Craig Mack Comes Out of Hiding and Is Spotted at a Church in South Carolina



Fans of the original Bad Boy Entertainment cadre, who were at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center to celebrate the Bad Boy Family Reunion, had already begun questioning the absence of originator Craig Mack when video of the retired rapper giving a church sermon appeared online Saturday (May 21). The rapper, who was rumored to have joined a cult after disappearing from hip-hop’s radar in the mid-2000s, resurfaced in footage from Overcomer Ministry in Walterboro, S.C. In it, he lets off a fury of evangelistic bars at the request of controversial preacher Ralph Gordon Stair.

“If you go back far enough with Craig, as one man called this morning and said, ‘I knew Craig, I was one of his fans’. He said ‘he made millions and millions of dollars. Now a lot of people don’t believe that Craig,” Stair told the congregation with Mack by his side. “You had a lot of it stolen from you. The devil tried to steal your soul too. But we took care of that see.”

After a series of praises Mack was asked to share an acapella. The world hasn’t heard from Mack since a 2013 all-star remix of the classic jump off “Flava In Ya Ear.” He has since denounced the lifestyle he lived in the industry, and assimilated as a member of the Overcomer Ministry community of 70, who live a communal farm life under the direction of Stair’s leadership. On several occasions throughout the broadcast, implication of Bad Boy’s convening is brought up. At one point Stair mentions Puffy by name, stating, “The guy he used to work for was in the news yesterday. Puff Daddy is he called? Hello Puff Daddy. Now, I want everybody to check out Puff Daddy, maybe Puff Daddy can talk about Craig Mack and Craig Mack can talk about Jesus some more.”

Mac seemed moved to address his distance from the Bad Boy camp as well, rapping in his second verse: “Now yall asked the question, ‘Where’s Craig Mac?”/ then Youtube played be at the tabernac/ jumping up and down with the prophet of god.”

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