Chinese girl born pregnant


By EurWeb

You’ve heard the saying, “wonders never cease to amaze?” Put this one at the top of that list.

Too small to even be called fetuses, the “foetuses,” were 8 to 10 weeks gestated, had legs, arms, a spine, rib cage and intestines.

The girl, born to Chinese mainland parents in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, underwent surgery at just three weeks old to remove them.

One of the foetuses weighed 14.2 grammes and the other 9.3 grammes. Each one had an umbilical cord. Both were also covered in skin.
After a successful surgery the little girl was discharged from hospital eight days later.

Of course the medical abnormality made history; with news detailed in the latest issue of the Hong Kong Medical Journal.
“Foetus in foetu” is what the condition is known as; and it occurs in just one in 500,000 births in the world.

To date, less than 200 cases have been reported.

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