Can You Really Break Your Penis?


By The Huffington Post

If human penises don’t have any bones in them, can they really break during sex or other intense activities?

That’s one of the questions sent in by a listener and tackled on the latest episode of the HuffPost Love+Sex Podcast.

“You can break your penis,” Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, sex expert, writer and professor at New York University, told me and my co-host, Carina Kolodny. “It is a very real thing and it’s a very unfortunate thing but technically it’s not a bone that breaks… The lining that goes around the erectile tissue of the penis — the corpus cavernosum — can tear.”

The penile fracture, as it’s known in the medical community, often occurs when the penis slams against the perineum or another part of the body instead of going into the vagina or anus and can cause serious trauma to the organ.

“If it happens, immediately go to the ER and get it fixed,” Dr. Vrangalova added. “Because it can get fixed. It’s going to take probably a couple of months to heal.”

While a penis “breaking” is relatively rare, it’s not as uncommon as you might think.A doctor told Scientific American that the University of Washington’s Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, sees one to two cases of penile fracture a month.

To find out more about penile fracture, as well as answers to other intimate questions like, “What is dry sex?” “How can a woman become multi-orgasmic?” and “What can I do if my boyfriend doesn’t want to bottom?” check out the full podcast below:

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