Bye! Lawrence Taylor Jr. gets 10 years after pleading guilty to rape

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By Victor Ochieng

Lawrence Taylor Jr., the son of Hall of Fame former NFL linebacker Lawrence Julius Taylor, has been sentenced to 10 years in jail after he pleaded guilty of statutory rape, sodomy, and juvenile molestation charges. He faces another 20 years of probation, meaning his moves will be keenly watched for 30 years.

The district attorney who sentenced LT Jr. revealed that the sentencing is as a result of his sexual contact with an unwilling 13-year old girl in 2013. It means that the 33-year-old LT Jr. had sexual contact with the minor when he was 31 or 32 years old.

Taylor was arrested in July of 2013 after the said girl reported him for forcing himself on her for oral sex. Things even got murkier when another girl who was at the scene also revealed to officers that LT Jr. had sex with her 5-6 times a year and a half earlier.

“One juvenile alleged that a sexual assault occurred on (July 6) at Taylor’s Powder Springs residence. Another juvenile alleged consensual sexual contact with Taylor in early 2012,” police said in July.

Taylor is said to have taken plea ahead of his trial that was scheduled to kick-off on Monday.

Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds later revealed to CBS Atlanta that Taylor decided to take the guilty plea to save the court from wasting time on the trial, knowing very well that there was enough proof to convict him.

“Taylor acknowledged the state had enough evidence to convict him of the statutory rape of his girlfriend’s teenage daughter, which occurred four or five times between 2012 and 2013,” said Reynolds.

Hannah Palmquist, Assistant Cobb County District Attorney, welcomed Taylor’s decision to plead guilty, saying it’s a good step towards bringing the case to an end, saving the victims of continuously being reminded of their experiences every time they take the witness stand in the courtroom.

“Justice was done in this case, not only because the defendant will serve 10 years in prison, but because the victims will not have to be put through the emotional toll of a trial,” Palmquist added.

The father of the minor in the molestation case was however unsatisfied with the sentence, saying it wasn’t fair.

“I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest.” he told CBS Atlanta. “I feel like it’s a slap on the wrist. He knowingly and willfully did what he did.”

The case of Taylor Jr. reminds many people of his father who was accused of having sex with a child prostitute in 2011. The Hall of Famer pleaded guilty to minor charges in the case. He wasn’t jailed but was slapped with 6 years of probation.











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    A pllseingay rational answer. Good to hear from you.

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    I Googled "forger of birth certificate" this morning and noticed: The same comments are being posted under different user names all over the web, and I mean all over — comments smearing Joe Apaio, that is, and his investigation. It's as if a concerted White House pool is traversing the web for blogs covering this and just changing user names as they go along. The EXACT SAME WORDING appears in countless smears, just posted under different user names.

  3. Always impressed.Bet you never thought mommy-ville would invade your running blog.Can't wait to hear what you have for X (xanthein, xanthic, xanthous, xu, and the best: xystus). OK, so I like Scrabble. 😀

  4. I agree about not letting the alleged Buddhist take away your day with Gayle. (And I very much remember you — from the pulpit — disliking similar prank calls back in ’96 or so.) I wouldn’t enjoy them either and likely be much less gracious.

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