Bro Jobs: Straight Guys Giving Oral Sex to Other Guys Is All the Rage


By Rebel Circus

Sexuality can be a funny thing.  While some people are learning to be comfortable with who they are, there are others who are blatantly trying to pick a fight with their feelings.
They feel ashamed of having certain feelings, so they try their damnedest to sweep them under the rug.  This is where the “bro job” stems from, according to writer Albert Serna Jr.  Reporting for, Serna Jr. explains what the bro job is all about. If you’re not familiar with this sort of practice, just imagine fellatio between two gentleman who refuse to believe that what they’re doing is gay, Serna Jr. writes. Whether or not it’s a trend that’s currently sweeping the world or something that just hasn’t been as widely reported on until now, bro jobs are a thing — and straight guys seem to love them. Keep reading to find out more about straight guys performing fellatio.


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