Boxer claims he was drugged after his appearance in a gay s*x film surface


By The Grio

Professional boxer Yusaf Mack doesn’t remember shooting the porn video that’s causing a local scandal in his area, but it’s one that people who have seen it aren’t soon to forget.

The X-rated video shows the West Philly native in a threesome with two other men, but Mack maintains that he’s very straight and even engaged to be married. He is also the father of 10 children, and claims he doesn’t even remember shooting the video.

“My whole life, I’ve been what they call a whoremonger,” Mack, 35, told Jenice Armstrong of the Philly Daily News. “I love females. The only time I touch a man is when I’m in the ring fighting.”

Mack is convinced he was drugged.

The whole incident began when someone reached out to Mack via Facebook and asked if he would be willing to participate in a porn shoot. Because he was short on cash, Mack agreed, and in June, he boarded a train from Philadelphia to New York. He arrived at a Bronx apartment and saw many naked woman walking around.

“I think, ‘It’s about to go down.’ I needed a drink or something,” Mack said. “They gave me a pill and a shot of vodka. I took the pill down with the vodka.”

After that, Mack doesn’t remember anything except waking up on the train back home with $4,500 in his pocket.

Later, he noticed that people were treating him differently or looking away from him, and that’s when one of his friends pulled him aside and told him about the tape. It was the first Mack had heard about it.

It’s possible that Mack was given GHB (gamma-Hydroxybutyrate), a party drug that lowers inhibitions and can cause memory loss, or a another similar party drug.

Trinka Porrata of Arizona’s, which runs a GHB help line told the Daily News“It’s entirely possible because [GHB is] a sexual stimulant and some people take it voluntarily to enhance the sexual experience…. It’s entirely possible to perform and yet not recall.”

Porrata spoke of females victims who do not recall participating in filmed sex acts, but says it difficult to prove. “You can’t prove amnesia,” she said.

Now, Mack is just trying to move past the experience. “I’m just hurt right now,” he said, noting that his children (aged 3-21) were already asking him about the tape. But he is trying to be “a better father to my kids” and hopes to move beyond this scandal.

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