Black Man Imprisoned for giving 14 White women HIV is allegedly HIV negative


By Yolanda Spivey

In 1997, the state of New York was in a panic after learning about a young black man who had infected 14 white women with the HIV virus.  Nushawn Williams was a homeless teenager at the time who sometimes sold drugs to support himself while living in the streets.

Williams, a Brooklyn, NY native, wandered around different towns within the state of New York. He eventually settled in Jamestown, NY, a small town in Chautauqua County; a rural community with a population of 142,000. There he would meet young troubled women, all who dabbled in drugs and high-risk sexual behavior.

After the HIV scandal was publicized, it was reported that Williams had slept with 47 women in Chautauqua County and 28 more in New York City.  Fourteen of those women were diagnosed as being HIV positive—the youngest infected was only 13 years old.

In 1996, Williams pled guildty to two counts of statutory rape and one count of reckless endangerment in the first degree for having unprotected sex with women who did not know of his HIV status.  He was sentenced to four to 12 years in prison.

Fast forward to today.  Sixteen years have passed and Nushawn Williams remains locked up in custody although he has served his sentence. A New York State law has the right to hold Williams under “civil confinement” if they feel that he is a threat to the public.

According Chautauqua County, a jury determined that Williams has a mental abnormality that makes him likely to commit more sexual crimes in the future.  They subsequently rendered him a dangerous sex offender.  And this year in March, the State Supreme Court upheld Chautauqua County’s decision; Judge John Michalski ordered that Williams be committed to a secure treatment facility designated by the Office of Mental Health.

However, it is alleged that Williams is HIV-negative and has always been.

In the 90’s after feeling sick, Williams went to a local clinic in Jamestown, NY where an HIV test was administered.  Although the test came back positive, Williams never followed up with a second test to confirm the results.  According to his ex-girlfriend Amber Arnold, he thought the clinic “was lying to him to run him out of Jamestown.”

Williams’ attorney John R. Nuchereno is adamant that his client was never positive in the first place.  He told, “He doesn’t have HIV. Now , it doesn’t just go away, and it leads me to believe the victim in this case is right here.”

Nuchereno believes his client’s civil rights are being violated . He had Williams’ blood sent to the Core Electron Microscopy Facility at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where tests confirmed the HIV-negative results.

Other’s are skeptical about the HIV negative diagnosis.  Sherriff Joseph A. Gerace from the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s department stated, “I think it’s a desperate effort to try to get him released from custody.  I don’t recall any claim that he wasn’t HIV-positive. In fact, it was shown in court that he was HIV-positive and continued to have unprotected sex with girls as young as 13. That’s what made it so heinous.”

Many also attribute Williams’ negative status from years of taking anti-viral drugs which can make your viral load undetectable. Others feel that the real reason behind Williams’ extended prison sentence is because he slept with white women, potentially giving them a deadly virus.

Thomas Shevory made a good point in his 2004 book Notorious H.I.V.recounts.  He stated, that there was a “media panic” over the Nushawn Williams case.  While the media paid close attention to Williams’ case and practically vilified him, they paid little to no attention to other similar cases.  The difference is, Williams slept with white women while others slept with mostly black women.

Shevory compared Williams’ case to that of Darnell McGee, a black man who in 1996 infected 62 women, most of them were black.  He was eventually shot dead in 1997.  McGee case didn’t get the national attention Williams’ case garnered.

Should Nushawn Williams be released?  What are your thoughts?  Keep in mind, he did sleep with 2 underage girls, one 13, the other 15 when he was only 19 years old.

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30 Responses to Black Man Imprisoned for giving 14 White women HIV is allegedly HIV negative

  1. Jay says:

    Why don’t they just be honest and admit that he’s in prison for sleeping with all those young white girls and ‘defiling’ their ‘purity’. They probably knew 14 years ago he didn’t have AIDS. And I’ve read before that those AIDS tests are notoriously unreliable. Besides THAT why in THE HELL is he still being held? As far as I’m concerned, he’s being held as hostage. I bet if he agrees to leave that town & go to NYC, they’ll release him. The Just-US system is corrupt to the core & is nothing but a criminal network or the mafia. I don’t know why we continually expect justice from criminals?

    • admin says:

      Good point Jay. Many speculate that he is being held for sleeping with very YOUNG girls. So……. and now they have determined that he has a mental disorder that makes him capable of committing the same crimes again if he’s ever released.

  2. Joe S. says:

    I remember this story when it was first put in the news. I agree with both of you he is being held because he slept with those poor pure white girls. It is amazing that this story has not been picked up by mainstream media. I guess another black menace locked away is expected, I feel the young man and hope he is let go and sues the crap out that police department for violating his civil rights by not releasing him.

    • admin says:

      Does he deserve to sue Joe S? After all, he did sleep with under-aged girls. Let’s not forget about that.

      • Jiselle says:


    • admin says:

      Does he deserve to sue Joe S? Afterall, he did sleep with underaged girls. Let’s not forget about that.

    • Concerned community says:

      I live in the jamestown area and some of these girls are still in our area and are HIV positive because if their relationship with Nushawn. That makes the idea of him not having the virus very hard for our community to believe. Ido believe he’s truly infected and he is exactly where he needs to be.

  3. NEMS says:

    I believe he served enough time for sleeping with those under age girls, so there for they need to release him and i hope he sue the hell out of the state

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  5. Miss B says:


  6. Stop with this shit says:

    you keep saying he slept with underaged girls. You fools he himself was underage at the time. He was a teenager at the time and while they don’t specify his age he could have been anywhere from 13-18.

    • Ray Walker says:

      well let’s just say he knew the girls 13 and 15, let’s say he had HIV let’s say he has a mental problem.the problem is he served his time for whatever those issues are he served his time alsoif you had a mental problem why didn’t y’all deal with that during his time of incarceration why wait till its time for him to leave and say he has a mental problem I work in a prison and then we have a middle section for guys who are mentally unstable and there are programs that they have to go through to be able to get out of that meant on you, so I was just another young black man that was that is still being mistreated because of the color of his skin and probably sleeping with young white women.if the time up let him go, because the other things about being in prison is your life is always in danger whether it’s gang activity, whether it’s drugs whether it’s men wanting what you have.Death can come at any time so when a man’s time is up you have to let him go because after that his death could be on your hands those who make the decision to hold on to him.

    • Tony says:

      13-16 is an underage teenager in NYS. Dummy. 17 is legal. Dumb ass.

  7. Steve says:

    The article says, at the very end, that he was 19 years old when he slept with the 15 and 13 year old girls.

  8. Claudia says:

    I would sue them all. They were all using drugs and having sex. It’s no telling who they contracted the disease from. I’m not surprised by anything the courts, politicians or law enforcement do. They are the real savages in society and have committed more crimes against people than any black man.

  9. ashton says:

    The man did his time for his crime and has paid his debt to society thus he should be released.If he violates the law then you punish him again.Keeping the man locked up does not stop crime on a whole because he is one individual so whats the point of keeping him incarcerated.I think the state prison,warden,prosecutor and the State of New York fear a libel lawsuit for unlawful imprisonment in violation of his 14 amendment rights which protect citizens from unlawful imprisonment.

  10. Andile says:

    I remember watching a documentary about this young man some years ago. My observation is that in American criminal cases where Black vs White go to court, often the evidence will be biased to favour whites, regardless of which side of the justice system they are in. In South Africa at least we do not have a jury system which can be manipulated by filling it with whites who are itching for (pay-back-time) vs blacks, they perceive as having ventured into their lilly-white territories.

  11. Kimberlie says:

    Seriously, can we stop with the whole “underage girl” thing. Number one, he already served his time for it. Number two, he was still a frickin teenager himself. We all know 19 year old boys are stupid. We also know that young girls lie about their age. I’m sure he didn’t ask for a birth certificate. If he was a 40 year old man sleeping with a 13 or 15 year old, that would be a different story. Depending on birthdays and whether anyone flunked a grade or was moved up a grade, a 15 and 19 year old could have met in high school. This does not make him a danger to young girls now. Girls mature faster, boys mature slower, generally speaking. Meet in the middle, they were both mentally around seventeen. It is obvious what this is really about. He served his time. Let him go.

  12. dwain says:

    every one should be punished for having non-consensual sex, yes he did it and he was punished. but who will be punished for that wrong medical result and the stigma attached to Nushawn Williams, the stigma of being HIV positive..nothing or no one can be compensated for stigma..what if Nushawn Williams because of the result had gone n get unprotected sex with someone who was realy HIV positive?

  13. Jasmine Harris says:

    This man served his time, period. To hold him for fear of committing the same crime again….most inmates, after serving their time, return back to jail repeatedly…so should every prisoner be held involuntarily?…I’ll wait.

  14. Jay says:

    He served his time….he should released. Period. when does it stop, do we hold the repeat drunk driver who killed a family after driving home drunk….he is going to drink again…relapse and possibly kill someone else.. .lets hold him too….

  15. Michael says:

    This Country is LOST!!

  16. mackie says:

    The guy should be set free. He has already done his time.

  17. bobs ur uncle says:

    All of the females where on drug including the 13 and 15 year old girls. Drugs and that lifestyle age you. The hard life wears all over you face. And sex is sex when ur 20 and below. Also what anti viral medication was he taking cause clearly he is the only one “cured” of aids.

  18. Steven Marshall says:

    A man or women is guilty for crimes they commit and as a result they should be punished or face justice, however, when you complete your terms of punishment, especially with good behavior then you deserve Freedom. In this case, the man paid his dues in the face of justice and he should be released.

  19. Tony says:

    He should never be released and if NY had the death penalty, he should get it. He is a child killer. Black devil.

  20. Die Nigger Die says:

    I would burn that fucking Nigger dead!

  21. Die Nigger Die says:

    I hope all of you get HIV & die if you believe this Nigger should be released!

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