Black Boy Found Hanging From Tree- Family Searches For Answers

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By Q13 Fox

SEATTLE — The family of an 18-year-old Lake Stevens man is pleading with the public for information about the death of their son.

Investigators with the Lake Stevens Police Department found Ben Keita hanging from a tree in a wooded area of the city in early January. Ben had been reported missing last November.

Lake Stevens police said the county medical examiner first ruled Keita’s death as a suicide but later changed their finding to undetermined.

Keita’s family is asking anyone with information in the case to come forward.

“Ben was a happy, young man,” said Ben’s father, Ibrahima Keita. “We believe that somewhere, someone must know something about this case and we urge people to come forward and contact the police.”

Lake Stevens police told Q13 News its investigation into Ben’s death remains open pending lab results.

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One Response to Black Boy Found Hanging From Tree- Family Searches For Answers

  1. Moonangel4evr says:

    So black people don’t ever get depressed or commit suicide? The first thing families say is “they’d never do that!” Truth is, yes they do.

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