Baby wipes? List of the most ridiculous school supplies


By Delightful Chaos

My son is going into 2nd grade this year and like just about ever other mom out there, we are looking at a huge list of school supplies. I realize that they “need” this stuff but I wonder how crazy some of the requests are. I am really clueless when it comes to some of the obvious things. I never knew that the children share some of the items. This made me a bit mad because I am one of those people who buy my son the best stuff for school and it gets mixed in with the garbage store brand crayons that break or don’t work right.

Yes, I know, I am sounding like a bit of a snob, “OMG her son has to you CHEAP crayons, it’s the end of the world!” But you know, like one person said to me on Twitter, we are all for helping out the class but they should list community items separately.

Here is a list of what my son needs for 2nd grade. My question is why the heck does a 7 year old need 4 Sharpies??? I would love to see a list of things that your kids need!

4 Box of crayons (not to exceed 48) NO SHARPENERS
6 Expo Brand Black Markers
4 Black Sharpie Brand markers
1 Pointed scissors (Fiskars, if possible)
40 #2 yellow sharpened pencils (name on pencils w/ perm marker) (Who is going to write all of that?)
6 Soft rectangular erasers (not pencil erasers)
4 Red checking pens
2 Pkgs. of wide ruled notebook paper
Paint smock
4 Large white Elmer’s school glue
3 Pocket folders
School bag (waterproof, to be carried every day)
4 large boxes of tissues
1 Box of watercolor paints
3 Spiral notebook – 60-70 sheets
1 New coloring book for rainy day recess
2 Ruler (metric & U.S. standard)
Colored pencils
12 Glue sticks
1 Package of wipes (baby/hand)
Rubbermaid “Take-Alongs” storage container-large rectangle 1 gallon
2 Plastic pencil pouch with holes
4 Plastic folder with holes

6 Pink erasers
4 Large bottles of Elmer’s glue-all
2 Box of tissues
1 Pack of baby wipes
1 Gallon size ziplock bags

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