Baby Who Was Denied Kidney Transplant From Father Due To Probation Violation Gets New Donor


By Daily News

The Georgia toddler, who was denied a kidney transplant after his father — a perfect donor match — violated probation, will finally receive the life-saving surgery.

A.J. Burgess is scheduled to undergo the procedure on Wednesday. His mother, Carmellia Burgess, shared the happy news on Facebook showing the 2-year-old boy being prepped for the 3-hour operation.

“Heading back to surgery. Keep my baby in your prayers,” Burgess wrote.

In another Facebook post, Burgess said she never thought she would see the day A.J. would receive a kidney.

Parents of toddler denied kidney transplant speak out

A.J. Burgess is scheduled to receive a new kidney after he was initially denied the surgery.


The family has been in a battle with Atlanta’s Emory Hospital over A.J.’s surgery. The child, who was born premature and without kidneys, was initially scheduled to receive a kidney in October. His father, Anthony Dickerson, was supposed to be the donor.

However, the hospital refused to move forward with the procedure after Dickerson violated his probation and was sent back to jail.

Even after his release, the hospital said it would not perform the surgery. Burgess told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she received a letter stating that Dickerson needed to “be on good behavior for three to four months” before the hospital could reschedule the surgery. The family feared they would run out of time before a new donor was found for A.J.

According to the AJC, Burgess learned on Tuesday that a deceased donor kidney would be given to her son.

Toddler denied kidney transplant rushed to hospital

A.J. Burgess was initially denied a kidney transplant because his father violated probation. 

A.J. Burgess was initially denied a kidney transplant because his father violated probation.


“I never thought my baby would b (sic) seeing this day,” Burgess wrote on Facebook. “I stayed strong & did what I had to for my baby.”

A few hours before the family received the news, Burgess shared that Tyler Perry had gifted her with a new car.

“Omgg I’m so overjoyed. I was in tears,” she posted. “Thank you Tyler Perry (Madea) for blessing/buying my kids & I a new car. We are forever grateful.”

Burgess said the “Madea” actor gave her the car to help her get to and from her son’s dialysis appointments. Read More

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