Baby girl found dead right before her parents appearance on “The Maury Show”



An 8-month-old girl died in a Connecticut hotel room Wednesday hours before her parents were to appear on “The Maury Show” to determine her paternity, according to reports.

The family, from Ohio, flew to Stamford to tape an episode that would reveal the baby’s true father, the Stamford Advocate reported.

The baby died after getting wedged between the wall and mattress in the hotel, according to authorities.

She was found by her 27-year-old mother, who woke up early and made the tragic discovery.

The baby’s 25-year-old father was also in the room and backed up the mother’s story, according to the Advocate.

A 2-year-old boy also belonging to the couple was in the room and unharmed.

Medical examiners have yet to determine a cause of death, police said, according to the newspaper.

But an autopsy ruled out physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect.

Police and producers for Maury Povich’s talk show confirmed the couple had flown in from Ohio to appear in an episode.

They were supposed to tape their segment Wednesday, the same day the girl died, the newspaper reported.

Producers declined to say why the couple were going on to the show, which specializes in family drama.

But sources said “The Maury Show” planned to unveil the results of a DNA test to prove the identity of the child’s biological father, the Advocate reported.

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