Awwww- NFL player takes cancer patient to her prom


By Victor Ochieng

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks gave a cancer battling girl a prom surprise that she definitely won’t forget for the rest of her life. After receiving approval from the girl’s mother, the player walked to her hospital bed and proposed to be her date when she goes to her high school prom.

The girl, Khameyea Jennings, 18, was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and has been in and out of hospital since.

For such a young girl, being diagnosed with cancer is devastating. It’s the time when most young people are at their prime, having loads of fun and going places.

In partnership with Dreams Come True program that helps Florida teens who’re suffering from life threatening illnesses to live their dreams, Marks decided to make an impact on Jennings life and give her something she’ll remember for years to come.

The idea came up after Dreams Come True found out that Jennings didn’t have a date for the prom and so they decided to set up one for her, a date that would make that day memorable. Marks got linked up with the girl, visited her at the Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, and made the unexpected proposal.

“I talked with your mom, she said it was OK,” Marks said to Jennings, while carrying a bouquet of flowers. “I heard you had a prom this weekend and I wanted to know if I can take you to prom.”

Jennings, a student at Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology in Jacksonville, Florida, answered with an emphatic “Yes!”

After making his proposal and receiving a yes, Marks went ahead to organize himself with gifts, including an adorable tiara, and they met on Saturday at her home before riding in style to the prom in Marks’ Lamborghini.

“All I want to do is make sure she continues to smile and make sure she has a good time tonight,” Marks revealed later when he spoke to WJAX-TV.

They made a one-of-a-kind entry at the prom, with Marks pushing Jennings in a wheel chair. They were met with wide cheers and applause.

“She said this is a day to be normal, not to have to worry about needles, chemo, potassium levels,” Jennings’ mom told the Florida Times-Union, “Just a day to be a teenager and enjoy the prom.”

Marks later shared a picture of the two of them on his Twitter handle with a message to Jennings, asking her to continue showing others her strength and faith.

The 28-year-old football star has also revealed that he’ll keep in touch with Jennings.

Dreams Come True was very pleased with how things went down at the prom.

“To have that moment, walking in and having the kids cheering for her and rooting for her,” said “dream manager” Courtney Andrews. “She really felt like a princess that day.”

Jacksonville Jaguars also tweeted a photo of the two as they made their grand entry.











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