Antoine Dodson said being raped and living with women made him gay


By Black Insurance News

Antoine Dodson, the man who is legendary for telling America to, “Hide your wife, hide your kids and your husbands,” talks candidly with the people at VLAD TV about his sexuality.  He said being gay is a choice and you’re not necessarily born that way.

When the interviewer asked him when was the first time he [Dodson] noticed boys, he said:

“I first realized I was gay, when I was in the first or second grade. I was looking at other boys in school other than the girls. After a while it kind of suppressed but when I got older close to my teen years, I got raped…. I think that’s what’s sparked it back up. Also living with my mom’s, my sister and my grandmother—I kind of picked up their habits.”

Look at this video as Dodson discusses how the man who raped him came back and tried to kill him.  He also gives his reasons why he feels being gay is a choice and why other LGBT’s may feel the same way but will never talk about it. Finally, he gives his take on the whole Bruce/ Caitlyn Jenner situation.

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