Alternative lifestyles will now be taught to children in kindergarten


By Farrah Gray

CBN News is reporting that public schools in Fairfax County, Virginia are preparing to forgo the protests of parents and teach kindergartners a radically different sexual education.

Angry parents are flustered at the announcements of the district’sFamily Life Education wing. After a school board vote, children will now be instructed on the transgender lifestyle, homosexual lifestyle, bisexual lifestyle as well as heterosexual lifestyle.

Traditional Values Coalition was quoted by CBN News saying, “Starting inkindergarten, students will be taught about same-sex or gay marriage and the parents will not be able to opt out.”

Andrea Lafferty, TVC president also reportedly said that school district students will also discuss Ex-President Bill Clinton’s affairs covering his “activity, along with oral and anal.” She also continues, “One of the big issues is in Virginia parents can opt their children out of certain parts of the Family Life Education. And so now what they’re doing is trying to move parts of it from FLE to Health, which means parents cannot opt their children out.”

The alarming reports put Virginia parents into an uproar. Fairfax County Public Schools responded with a letter. CBN news has published that letter. It reads…


Dear Parents,

We would like to ensure that all Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) families have the correct information regarding the proposed lesson objectives and curriculum for our Family LifeEducation (FLE) program. The changes under consideration by theSchool Board are the result of a series of recommendations from the Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee (FLECAC), which is a standing citizen advisory committee that reviews the FLE curriculum on a regular basis and is comprised ofschool board appointees, community members, students, teachers and administrators. The committee has been working on the curriculum recommendations for more than a year.

Most sections in the FLECAC committee’s report have been a part of the curriculum in past years, with the difference being that many of the instructional objectives now meet the Virginia Dept. of Education’s (VDOE) general Health Standards of Learning, and as-such no longer have an opt-out option. These topics includeconflict resolution skills, respecting individual differences such as disabilities, ethnicities and cultures and mental health areas.

The question has been asked: “Will parents still be able to opt their child out of Family Life Education lessons?” The answer is yes. Parents have been able to opt their students out of FLE designated lessons in the past and will continue to have that ability under the FLECAC committee’s recommendations – including the sexual orientation and gender identity lessons. Other topics that parents will be able to opt their child out of include reproductive anatomy, contraception, abstinence, STIs, and many others.

Parents and community members will have the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed curriculum revisions during a 30 day period, which begins May 21. I encourage you to visit our web page for additional information about the FLE curriculum and to learn how you can participate in the comment process:

Our parents’ role in determining if their child will receive Family LifeEducation lessons has not changed. As parents, you continue to have the final say. I hope you find this information helpful and that it dispels many of the misperceptions that are currently being posted regarding our FLE curriculum in the media and elsewhere.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Karen Garza
Fairfax County Public Schools”

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