6 Year old performs CPR and saves his babysitter from overdosing on Heroine


By The New York Daily News

An Alabama babysitter overdosed on heroin, terrifying her 6-year-old nephew who tried to perform CPR from lessons he’d learned from TV, authorities said.

Victoria Newman, 36, was supposed to be watching the little boy and his 2-year-old brother when she nodded off next to untended syringes and baggies of heroin and crack cocaine, Hoover police said.

The 6-year-old found his aunt in trouble and frantically tried to save her life, cops said in a news release.

The boy began chest compressions, and then ran to a neighbor’s house for help when she didn’t wake up.

Nobody was home next door, so he hurried back to his porch and waited for another family member to return home.

The adult relative, alerted to the comatose aunt by the boy, called 911.

“This innocent 6-year-old boy was clearly the most responsible person present at this residence,” police Capt. Gregg Rector told Al.com. “He did everything he knew how to do to try and help a family member that he cared about very much. But what if he or the 2-year-old had accidentally ingested the heroin or cocaine? What if he accidentally stuck him himself with a syringe?”

Hoover Fire Department paramedics treated Newman and rushed her to a local hospital, authorities said.

She survived the May 28 scare, and Hoover cops obtained a warrant for her arrest on Friday.

She was busted on charges including child endangerment and drug possession and booked into Hoover City Jail on $20,300 bond.

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