51 People Overdose On Synthetic Weed In St. Louis


By Saint Louis Post Dispatch

ST. LOUIS • Officials say 51 people downtown were treated this week for apparent overdoses on synthetic cannabis.

Six of the overdoses occurred Friday afternoon, said St. Louis Fire Department spokesman Capt. Garon Mosby. A total of 209 people in St. Louis have overdosed on K2 since Nov. 7.

The majority of the overdoses have occurred among homeless people in the downtown area. Emergency calls have primarily come from around the New Life Evangelistic Center, at 14th and Locust streets.
The overdoses prompted the St. Patrick Center, the region’s largest homeless services provider, to ask people not to give money to panhandlers downtown.

Police took three suspected dealers into custody for questioning Nov. 9. Two of the suspects had been seen on videotape making suspicious exchanges, and police took a bag or two of a tobacco-like substance found with them for examination.

No charges have been announced as of Friday.

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