Obamacare will Leave Millions Uncovered Come March 31st


By Yolanda Spivey

The race is on for the Obama Administration to get over 6 million people enrolled in the federal mandated healthcare plan by the end of March.  If you’re not enrolled by the deadline, then you will have to pay a fine.

In recent advertisements, the Obama Administration moved away from talking about the fine as an effort to get more people to go online and sign up.

While there are loopholes in the affordable care act where millions will be exempt from paying any premiums, there are those who are still unable to afford to pay for the insurance.

Texas is one state that is making it hard for people to enroll in the plan due to them refusing to expand their Medicaid program.  As a result, many low income families are left out of the loop.

One Texas family for instance met with an enrollment representative at their local YMCAand was met with devastating news.  Salazar told TheGrio.com that he and his wife spent 3 hours only to be told that their premium payment would cost them $400 a month.  The Salazar’s family income is only $16,000 a year, and the couple has five children.

Salazar told TheGrio.com, “I’m shocked. I came here with a lot of enthusiasm that I was going to qualify. I’m very shocked.”

He further explained that his family would have to choose between paying for food and getting health insurance.

For now, the family will stick with the “Gold Card,” a system in Houston in which low-income people get medical service at clinics on a sliding scale based on income. This system provides health care for low-income people, but Salazar and others say they would rather have insurance, as it can take months to see a specialist and you do not get to choose a personal doctor under the “Gold Card” system.

“We will pay the fine,” Salazar said, although he almost certainly will be exempted from it because of his low income. “I hope in the future, they will figure it out.”

“I haven’t gone to the doctor, but I have to deal with this,” he added referring to the pain in his arm. “Now, I have to wait for the Gold Card.”

Currently, there are 25 states that opted against expanding their Medicaid program under the law.  Therefore, millions will be without healthcare when the March 31st deadline approach and will be subjected to paying a fine.

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