11 year old girl used as drug mule by her own father

drug mules

By Yolanda Spivey

A young girl is being described as Colombia’s youngest drug mule.  According to Oneida News.com, the 11 year old girl was caught carrying more than 100 capsules of cocaine internally, and needed surgery to remove them from her stomach.

Police reports state that the girl’s father used her as a mule after attempting to smuggle drugs into Europe—he is currently on the run.

In total, the capsules weighed about a half a kilo.

The unidentified girl’s parents are divorced and according to her mother, she was visiting her father for the weekend.  When she returned home to her mother, she complained of severe stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital where she is currently recuperating after the surgery.

Tests are also being conducted to determine what type of illegal drugs the young girl was carrying.

According to the United Nations records, Colombia is one of the world’s top exporters of cocaine.  Adults are usually responsible for using children who are underage to smuggle drugs to other countries.  Most of the underage parties used are teenagers.

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