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Transgender Wyoming Woman Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault Of 10-Year-Old Girl In Bathroom

By FoxNews.com

A transgender Wyoming woman was convicted Wednesday of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl inside a bathroom.

CDC Releases New Map Of States With The Most Sexually Transmitted Infections

By Backgroundchecks.org

Since we first looked at the data, the CDC has published new findings,

Bottles of water for sale are seen at the Eastern Market February 25, 2014, in Washington, DC.       AFP PHOTO/Paul J. Richards        (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Find Out Which Bottled Water Brands Use and Doesn’t Use Fluoride

By Healthy 365

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the presence of fluoride in public drinking water (fluoridation).


The most searched for porn terms by state revealed

When it comes to their political opinions, Americans can vary wildly – as this current election season has shown. 


104 Year old man says secret to long life is not using any soap

By Charisma News

Lloyd Baker turned 104 yesterday. His friends in Wyoming have postponed his party until tomorrow, however.