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Trump Tweets His Textbook ‘MAGA’ Response To Criticism Of His Attacks On Black Americans

By Chicago Tribune

resident Donald Trump kicked off Thanksgiving Day by replying to a tweet

Thanksgiving Soul Food: Carla Hall Of ‘The Chew’ Offers A Glimpse Into African-American Tradition

By The Baltimore Sun

Carla Hall vividly recalls the time she attended Thanksgiving dinner


Black Thanksgiving: Why Are Mac And Cheese And Potato Salad Thanksgiving Staples?

By Washington Post

A year ago, I wrote a humorous piece about Thanksgiving based on a virally successful satirical


Emergency Room Visits More Likely During The Holidays; ER Doctors Tell Us Why

By Business Insider

A 32-year-old with a plastic fork stuck in his throat. A 61-year-old man with a grease burn on his scrotum.


Almost Everything We Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong

By New York Times

Not to rain on our Thanksgiving Day parade, but the story of the first Thanksgiving

Black America is Becoming Vegan

By The Blade

Say “soul food” and most people imagine a spread of barbecued ribs, fried chicken and pork chops, ham, black-eyed peas and green beans with ham hocks, corn bread, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, and a delectable list of desserts.


Black Flight Attendant Called “Nigger Bed Wench” On South West Flight

By Misee Harris

Southwest passengers on Flight 775 headed for Los Angeles from Houston


Neiman Marcus Is Selling Collard Greens?

By The Root

Move over, Grandma’s greens and Glory greens; we don’t need your greens any more.


Man’s ‘rough sex’ self-diagnosis turns out to be penile cancer


On his 29th birthday, Wayne Martin discovered his sex injury was in fact a rare penile cancer and not a result of rough penetrative sex as he initially thought.


The real reason why this man is camping out in front of Best Buy

By Good Housekeeping

Black Friday is more than a month away, but Kevin Sutton, a 37-year-old radio host in Orlando, Florida


Insurance industry suspects legal pot use will cause more auto and homeowner’s claims

By Bank Rate

So far, the insurance industry’s concerns over the growing acceptance of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use across the land have focused on the auto insurance risks of driving stoned and the home insurance liability of setting cannabis-altered party guests loose into the night.


Teen had allergic reaction to friend’s antibiotics causing her body to burn from the inside out

By Daily Mail

A California woman is in intensive care after having an allergic reaction to her friend’s medication that has caused her body to burn from the inside out.


Tips on safely frying your Thanksgiving Day Turkey

Deep fried turkey has become a popular food staple on many Americans Thanksgiving Day menus.

B. Smith

Legendary model B. Smith is reported missing

Legendary model and celebrity restaurateur B. Smith has vanished in the Hamptons according to her husband Dan Gasby and police officials.


Walmart ask employees to donate food to less fortunate co-workers

By Raw Story

Walmart is once again asking employees to donate canned goods to help their less-fortunate coworkers celebrate Thanksgiving.


Alibaba’s ‘Singles Day’ surpasses Black Friday with $8 billion in sales

By MarketWatch

NEW YORK — China’s anti–Valentine’s Day has handily surpassed the U.S.’ s Black Friday as the world’s most lucrative online shopping day, and it is well on its way to becoming the most profitable manufactured holiday in history.