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Woman Infected With HIV By Her Boyfriend; Exposes Him On Social Media

By Rolling Out

A Milwaukee woman’s decision to use social media as a platform to announce that she has HIV

CDC Releases New Map Of States With The Most Sexually Transmitted Infections

By Backgroundchecks.org

Since we first looked at the data, the CDC has published new findings,


Usher To Be Sued Again: This Time by Two Women…and a Man


The Usher scandal — that he allegedly has herpes and had sexual contact with individuals


Does He Have An STD? This Condom Will Tell You

By RebelCircus.com

Wish there were a sure way to know if someone had a sexually transmitted disease?


Guatemalans Deliberately Infected with STDs sues University for 1 Billion Dollars

By The Guardian

Nearly 800 plaintiffs have launched a billion-dollar lawsuit against Johns Hopkins University over its alleged role in the deliberate infection of hundreds of vulnerable Guatemalans with sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis and gonorrhoea, during a medical experiment programme in the 1940s and 1950s.


Rise In Syphilis Among Newborns Brought On By A Bigger Epidemic


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Neonatologist Gurvir Khurana had only read about it in textbooks. Seeing it in real life has been a shock: baby after baby born severely anemic, lungs filled with fluid, bodies covered with rashes. Some only lived minutes; others died within days or weeks.


Viagra & Prostitutes Causing a Spike in AIDS Diagnosis Among Elderly Black Men

By EurWeb

In the past, whenever an opportunity arose for O’Neal to pleasure himself, he would gleefully dig into his special


Study: Highest Rate of Dementia Among African Americans

by Janell Hazelwood

A recent study has found that the rate of dementia in African Americans is 65% higher than Asian Americans. 


Most Sexually Active Teens Are Never Tested For HIV

By Erin Schumaker

Only one-third of sexually active young adults and less than one-quarter of sexually active high schoolers have been tested for HIV,according to a new report.

5 myths about herpes

5 Myths About Herpes

With the recent announcement that Hollywood A-list actor Charlie Sheen is HIV positive, talk has turned once again to the spread of other STDs.


Study: New HIV prevention drug is 100% effective

By Fox News

A study published Tuesday in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases showed the controversial daily pill preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP)


Heal yourself with SEX

By Black Insurance News & Heal Yourself at Home

Sex can do a lot more than just make you feel good.


Teens create a condom that changes colors if an STD is detected

By EOnline

While some young teens choose to spend their time watching TV and obsessing over their celeb crush


Scientists say sleeping can help us get rid of racism

By The Huffington Post

Scientists have long known that sleep boosts the brain, helping us consolidate memories and learn new things.


Study: Men who have sex 21 times a month are less likely to develop prostate cancer

By Rolling Out

Sex can be beneficial for men in more ways than one. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Montreal


High School focuses on abstinence but 20% of students has chlamydia

By Newsone

A high school heavy on abstinence is currently facing a chlamydia outbreak, the Huffington Postreports.


New bill may make couples take a STD test before getting married

By The Grio

Under a proposed bill introduced in Oklahoma, couples in the state wanting to get married would be required to prove they don’t have any sexually transmitted infections before making it to the altar.