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Sign Language Interpreter Signaled Complete Nonsense During Extremely Important Tampa Police Press Conference

By DailyMail.co.uk

An American Sign Language interpreter has baffled the hearing impaired by delivering gibberish


India Gets A Clue: Rules Sex With A Child Bride Is Officially Considered Rape – No Exceptions

By Global Citizen

India’s top court has ruled that sex with a child is always rape, quashing a clause


South African Teen Arrested for Bleaching Baby To Convince Boyfriend He’s The Father

By News Daily

A 19-year old girl from Limpopo in South Africa has been arrested for bleaching her baby in a bid to convince her doubting light-skinned boyfriend that he was the father.

Not A Single African Citizen Was Granted A Visa for African Trade Summit in California

By The Guardian

An annual African trade summit in California had no African attendees this year after at least 60 people were denied visas, according to event leaders.


Happiness Report: Norway No. 1 in Happiness

By Reuters

Norwegian law student Karen Nerbo summed up the feelings of many on Monday as her country was named the world’s happiest country.


Are Black People In South Africa Treated Better Than Blacks In America?

By Alternet

Noam Chomsky weighs in on the Black Lives Matter movement

us dollar

Report: 23 Countries are Abandoning the U.S. Dollar

A new world monetary system is being set up right now which will completely kill the US dollar


Rise of the robots will eliminate more than 5 million jobs

By Jill Ward

Over five million jobs will be lost by 2020 as a result of developments in genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics and other technological change,


The World has the power to end HIV/ AIDS by 2030

By Global Motherhood

By 2030, AIDS could be a thing of the past, a new UNAIDS report has concluded.


This happened when Africans and African Americans switched diets

By Think Progress

In recent years, public health experts have acknowledged that lowering the risk


Man who underwent the world’s first penis transplant got his girlfriend pregnant

By Daily Mail UK

The man who underwent the world’s first successful penis transplant is set to become a father after revealing his girlfriend is pregnant.


Skin bleaching is out of control in Africa

By Rolling Out

There is no more telling form of self-hatred than when a person deliberately bleaches their skin.


600 pound woman gives birth to 40 pound baby

By World News Daily

A 600-pound woman has given birth to a 40-pound baby at Perth’s King Edward Memorial Hospital,


Man raped at gunpoint by 3 women for his sperm

By The Grio

A man in South Africa was kidnapped and raped at gunpoint by three women who then collected his semen in coolers.


Jealous husband pours super glue into his wife’s vagina

By The Daily News

A jealous South African husband poured super glue into his wife’s vagina after becoming convinced that she was sleeping with her uncle.


Man mauled by a lion and he thought it was funny

By Eur Web

*You can bet this tourist got more than he was looking for when the lion he was looking at decided to give him a closer glimpse.


How a West African shaman fixed this man’s schizophrenic son’s life

By The Washington Post

After a wonderful summer of fishing and learning to surf, my son, then a 17-year-old junior at a Boston high school, suddenly told me one afternoon,


World’s first penis transplant performed on man in South Africa

By The BBC

The world’s first successful penis transplant has been reported by a surgical team in South Africa.


South African women dry their vaginas with bleach to make sex more pleasurable for men

By The Daily Mail UK

Women around the world are carrying out a practice which not only leaves them in pain but at increased risk of HIV. 

Beauty at a meeting

South Africa is looking for more Black insurance brokers

By Risk SA

The insurance industry needs to increase the number of black brokers if it wants to reach a growing black middle class, the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Institute said on Wednesday.