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Emergency Room Visits More Likely During The Holidays; ER Doctors Tell Us Why

By Business Insider

A 32-year-old with a plastic fork stuck in his throat. A 61-year-old man with a grease burn on his scrotum.

Before You Drink That Cup Of Coffee: Here’s 13 Things You Might Want To Know

by Humans Are Free

You’re not going to like this one bit: you’ve been lied about the health benefits of coffee!


Baby Sitter Admits to Killing 7 Children, Florida Man Freed After Serving 20 Years for Her Crime.

By Daily News

At daybreak on Oct. 25, 1967, Annie Mae Richardson, of Arcadia, Fla., got up to prepare the day’s meals for her husband and seven children.

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Woman And Her 3 Year Old Child Died After Inhaling Hydrogen Sulfide In Car

By Daily News

A woman and her daughter inhaled a toxic gas, likely from their car’s defective battery


Two People Connected To Flint Water Investigation Found Dead

By Your News Wire

Water Treatment Plant Foreman, Matthew McFarland, and the woman leading the lead poisoning suit, 


Disgusting! 47 Republican Senators Vote To Deny Aid To Flint’s Lead Poisoned Children

By Politic US USA

Senate Republicans forced a vote on an amendment today that would have denied federal


Kids in 11 N.J. cities have higher lead levels than Flint

TRENTON – Young children in 11 cities and two counties in New Jersey have higher levels of lead in their blood than children in Flint,


Don’t Wash Your Chicken. Here’s Why.

By Derrick Lane

Studies have shown that 44% of the population washes raw chicken prior to cooking.


Chipotle is serving beans, burritos and E. Coli to their customers

By Charisma News

The number of confirmed E. coli food poisoning cases linked to Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc in Oregon


73% of fresh chicken on the market tested positive for food poisoning

By Yahoo News

Almost three-quarters of fresh shop-bought chickens have tested positive for the food poisoning bug campylobacter.


LAWSUIT- Rikers Island inmates were served meatloaf laced with rat poisoning

By The Huffington Post

Meatloaf served to inmates at the Rikers Island jail complex has tested positive for rat poison at a New Jersey lab, according to a lab report obtained by the New York Daily News.


Woman tried to murder her children with poisoned apple juice because she was mad at their father

By WPIX 11

SCHILLER PARK, Ill. (PIX11) – An Illinois mother has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to murder her children with poisoned apple juice because she was mad at their father.