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‘Secret Santa’ Pays Off $40,000 Worth Of Layaway Bills For Over 200 Families

by HuffPost.com

Christmas has come early for around 200 families in Pennsylvania.


The Mental Health Crisis In The U.S. Can Be Directly Tied To The Loss Of Psychiatric Facilities


A severe shortage of inpatient care for people with mental illness is amounting to a public health crisis


Syracuse Makes The List Of One Of The Worst Cities For Black People To Live In America

By Syracuse.com

Syracuse is one of the 10 worst cities for black Americans to live, according to a new report.


Most White Americans Believe They Are Being Discriminated Against

By NPR.com

A majority of whites say discrimination against them exists in America today,

Teacher Savagely Attacked By Parent After Confiscating 4th Grade Child’s Cell Phone

By DailyMail

Pittsburgh police have arrested a woman on Thursday for allegedly throwing a brick


University of Pennsylvania Teaching Assistant Insists On Calling On Black Women Students First

By Philly.com

Maybe my political science professor didn’t hate me.

CDC Releases New Map Of States With The Most Sexually Transmitted Infections

By Backgroundchecks.org

Since we first looked at the data, the CDC has published new findings,

Aetna Inadvertently Reveals Names of 12,000 HIV Positive Clients

By InsuranceBusinessMag

Insurer Aetna Inc. inadvertently revealed the HIV status of some clients in a mailing


Into The World of Women Who Wish They’d Never Become Mothers

By Elle

Here’s the thing about realising that you shouldn’t have had kids,” says Laura*, 37, a journalist based in Los Angeles. “You can’t take the decision back.”


Pennsylvania Hospital’s First Female Neurosurgeon Is A Muslim Mother of Four

By Philly Voice

Dr. Zarina Ali loves the exhilaration she feels when scrubbing into brain or spine surgery knowing she has a chance to make a big difference in life and death situations for her patients.


Myth Debunked: The Irish Were Not Slaves, Too

By NY Times

It has shown up on Irish trivia Facebook pages, in Scientific American magazine, and on white nationalist message boards:


Woman Found Missing Grandson Mummified In Attic

By The Grio

Two years after her grandson went missing

23 Mar 2015, Washington, DC, USA --- Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton takes part in a Center for American Progress roundtable discussion on "Expanding Opportunities in America's Urban Areas" in Washington. --- Image by © Brooks Kraft/Corbis

Trump Supporters Fear Clinton’s Menstrual Cycle Will Ruin America

By Liberals Unite

Carl Unger of Montgomery, Pennsylvania is so frightened about


Dr. Kristin Motley Helps People Who Can Not Afford Their Medications

By Black Enterprise

Dr. Kristin Motley Founded Health Care Solutions of Delaware Valley L.L.C. to help people who could not afford their medications.

Shadow of hand holding and pointing or aiming gun or pistol with shadow of door or window in warm light

More People Died From Guns Than From Traffic Accidents In 21 States

By Desire Thompson

Gun violence reform has been a pressing topic for Americas in recent months. Now, a study shows it has stepped over traffic deaths in over 21 states.

Same Sex Marriage Adoption Father Son

Gay father wants to marry his gay son

By Charisma News

A same-sex couple is petitioning the court for the right to marry, but the court refused.  


It’s illegal to touch a pregnant woman’s belly in Pennsylvania


It was reported earlier this week by some news outlets that a new law in Pennsylvania made it illegal