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New Study: You Must ‘Use’ Your Vagina Or It Could Become ‘Depressed’

By New York Post

It’s a painful condition that can leave you itching, even burning down there


Euthanasia Enthusiast Creates Suicide Machine With Detachable Coffin; Kill Yourself Anytime, Any Place

By LifeNews.com

Australia’s best-known euthanasia activist, Dr Philip Nitschke,


Hurricane Maria Aftermath; More Than 900 People Have Died In Puerto Rico Since Devastating Storm

By Independent

Over 900 people have been cremated in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria made landfall a month ago


Baby Sitter Admits to Killing 7 Children, Florida Man Freed After Serving 20 Years for Her Crime.

By Daily News

At daybreak on Oct. 25, 1967, Annie Mae Richardson, of Arcadia, Fla., got up to prepare the day’s meals for her husband and seven children.


According to History, African Americans Don’t Sleep As Well As Whites

By LA Times

When we study racial inequality, we tend to consider factors that affect people while they are awake. Differential access to safe neighborhoods with good schools, decent jobs and unbalanced treatment by police and the courts surely have much to do with the stubborn disparities in wealth and well-being


Scientist: We’ll soon be able to reverse death

By The Daily Mail

To be declared officially dead in the majority of countries, you have to experience complete and irreversible loss of brain function, or ‘brain death.’


Artificial wombs: The coming era of motherless births?

By David Warmflash

Scientifically, it’s calledectogenesis, a term coined by J.B.S. Haldane in 1924. A hugely influential science popularizer, Haldane did for his generation what Carl Sagan did later in the century.


Heal yourself with SEX

By Black Insurance News & Heal Yourself at Home

Sex can do a lot more than just make you feel good.


Why holding in your farts is absolutely dangerous

By Top Health News

Farts are normally caused by trapped air that comes from varying sources.


Member of “The Prancing Elites” reveal he’s HIV + and says he feels sorry for women


The cloud that had been hanging over  “The Prancing Elites Project” finally burst in its sixth episode


Men: What does it mean when your erection just won’t go away- Find out

By Black Doctor

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on ads that target men in hopes in making their


This warm blooded fish keeps its own body warm and swims like a bird

By Nova

Scientists have discovered a fish that can keep its entire body several degrees warmer than the waters it lives in,


Ultra Orthodox Jew flies on a plane covered in plastic because……….

By the Daily Mail

It is not unusual for people to have rituals when flying on a plane, like wearing a St Christopher chain or keeping their eyes closed until they take off.


The benefits of stretching

By Black Doctor

We all know we should stretch, but far too many of us overlook this and choose to get on to the “nitty gritty” instead –


Mother lit cigarette next to oxygen tank that exploded killing her and wheelchair bound son

By ABC 7

Two people were killed and two others injured after an Altadena home caught fire Saturday night.