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Brooklyn Teen Uses Her Last Breath To Name Her Killer

By DailyNews

A Brooklyn teenager used her last few breaths to tell cops the name of the man who shot her


Non-Profit Organization Purchases Co-op For Children Of Slain NYPD Officer

By ABC.com

The children of a New York City police officer who was killed in July


Founder & CEO Of Golden Crust Caribbean Bakery & Grill Commits Suicide Inside Of His Bronx Factory

By Daily News

The founder and CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill who once appeared


Columbia Ph.D Student Shot Dead By His Boyfriend In His Houston Home After An Argument

By DailyMail

A Columbia PhD student has been killed by his boyfriend who shot him in the head after an argument.

NYPD detective

NYPD Detective Banned From Her Home After Setting Her Setting Her Husband’s Clothes On Fire

By Bet.com

An NYPD detective is facing arson charges after she allegedly set her husband’s clothes aflame

Flatbush School

Flatbush, Brooklyn: 3 Students Suspended, Principal Re-Assigned After Allegations Of Ongoing Sexual Assaults

By Pix11

EAST FLATBUSH, Brooklyn — Three upperclassmen at a Brooklyn high school were suspended


Teen Accuses NYPD Of Rape; Rape Kit Reveals Their DNA On The Victim

By New York Post

Genetic tests have confirmed that the DNA of two cops was found on the Brooklyn teen

NYC Landlord Threatens Tenants With Eviction If They Don’t Prove Their Immigration Status

By Daily News

Prove you’re a citizen — or get out.


New York Chiropractor Arrested For Racist Threat Against Child

By Raw Story

A Staten Island chiropractor was arrested this week for allegedly harassing law enforcement workers for over a year and throwing lollipops at them as well as threatening an African-American child.


Actor Ron Glass, Best Known For His Role In “Firefly” Dies At Age 71

By Variety

Ron Glass, a prolific TV actor known for playing Ron Harris in the sitcom


FBI Was Told Of White Supremacist In Law Enforcement

By PBS Newshour

Increased attention toward the killing of black men


Teacher Beaten After Asking Student To Turn Down Music

By Fox News

The principal at a lower Manhattan high school was beaten to a pulp


There’s now a masturbation booth in NYC for men

By Angel Diaz

Old New York was lit for pervs once upon a time.


Longtime Janitor who only made $13K a year was school’s personal drug dealer

By The Ditmas Park Patch

A longtime janitor at Brooklyn College in Flatbush has been moonlighting as a campus cocaine dealer,


Woman robbed in a cab while suffering a seizure

By DNA Info

A woman having a seizure was robbed of her $25,000 Rolex in the backseat of a cab, police said.


Wheelchair bound man robs a bank and gets away

By The Grio

A man in a wheelchair robbed a Queens bank on Monday afternoon and got away with it.


STUDY: Black and Latino’s targeted and arrested for weed although whites smoke it the most

By Diversity Inc

New York City cops intentionally are targeting Black and Latino youth for marijuana possession, according to a new report from the Drug Policy Alliance.


Ringleader in the McDonald’s beat down has been taken into custody

By The New York Daily News

The female brute who led the beating of a 15-year old girl in a Brooklyn McDonald’s — a savage attack caught on video and shared across the globe — has been taken into custody, police said Thursday.


Video: Girl viciously attacked in McDonald’s brawl but refuses to snitch

By The Daily News

Dozens of kids and at least two adults watched as four teenage girls brutalized a pint-sized 15-year-old girl in a Brooklyn McDonald’s


Vandals trash and spray paint “Move Ni*g*r Now” on woman’s house

As Terry Turner prepared to bring in 2015 with her granddaughter, festivities took a frightening turn as vandals threw rocks at the front of her house in Limestone County, Ala.,