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Protecting Sexual Predators- R. Kelly’s Newest Allegations Highlight Black America’s Dirty Little Secret

By Yolanda Spivey

This is hard for me to write, but growing up, I was a victim of child molestation.


Did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Commit Insurance Fraud?

By Yolanda Spivey

If you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris this week.


Don’t Let Money Ruin Your Relationship- Steps You Can Take To Prevent This From Happening

By Yolanda Spivey

Money has the power to cause a relationship to fail.


Yolanda Spivey: Can I Insure My Baby Daddy?

By Yolanda Spivey

A common question that I’m asked in my practice is, “Can I insure the father or mother of my child?”


Which city has the highest auto insurance rates?

By Michael Whitney

Auto insurance is a product that is a must have if you drive a vehicle.  And every year, it seems as if it’s getting more expensive in every state. 

Simone Battle

Simone Battle Dead at 25- 4 Reasons Why Young People Should Have Life Insurance

By Yolanda Spivey

Simone Battle, a member of the girl group G.R.L. and a former contestant on the U. S. version of the X Factor has suddenly died.  She was only 25 years old. 

B. Smith

B. Smith’s Story-How to Prepare for a Loved One’s Illness and subsequent Death

By Yolanda Spivey

Part 1

Recently, the world found out that legendary model and entrepreneur B. Smith is battling the advance stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  In an exclusive television interview with “CBS Sunday Morning,” B. Smith talked about how the disease was negatively affecting her.  It was quite sad to see this once vibrant woman tell the CBS reporter that she didn’t know what day, month or year it was.

Benefits Life Insurance

New Parents- Why it’s important to insure your children, your parents and yourself

By Yolanda Spivey

When my child was first born, I took out life insurance on him immediately. As a person who is well versed in insurance products, I knew that unfortunately, anything tragic could happen at any time. I also couldn’t pass up the $1.00 a week premium that was offered to me for a policy payout of $50,000 on a permanent insurance product. It’s not a lot of money, but more than enough should a tragedy strike.

Black umbrella covers home, car and money

Why You May Need Umbrella Insurance

Why do I need umbrella insurance?

YOU CAUSE A multiple-car accident resulting in several injuries that racks up $1 million in hospital bills. The problem? Your auto insurance policy will cover a maximum of $300,000 per incident. You are found legally obligated to cover the remaining $700,000.

Taraji P. Henson Get’s into the Insurance Game

By Yolanda Spivey

Taraji P. Henson is getting into the insurance game!  Well not really, but she is slated to star alongside Vince Vaughn and Hailiee Steinfeld in a new film called “Term Life.”