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Virginia Beach To Become First In Its Region To Grant Paid Maternity Leave To Workers

By PilotOnline.com

When a full-time city employee gave birth to her son last year, she used two weeks

Thanksgiving Soul Food: Carla Hall Of ‘The Chew’ Offers A Glimpse Into African-American Tradition

By The Baltimore Sun

Carla Hall vividly recalls the time she attended Thanksgiving dinner


South Carolina To Stop Throwing Poor People In Jail Due To Unpaid Traffic Tickets

By Nymag.com

In the United States, many municipalities rely on fines from traffic violations and other misdemeanors


Steven Hawkings Says That Humans Need To Leave Earth ASAP In Order To Survive

By MSN News

Stephen Hawking has warned that Earth is under threat


[VIDEO] White Scientist Claims Black Community is Being Deliberately Poisoned and Targeted By The Medical System

By Ear Hustle 411

A scientist who goes by the name Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger has broken the cardinal rule when it comes to snitching.  He is literally exposing white America paticularly the Medical Industry and the hate they have for black America today.


‘A Day Without A Woman’ : A Strike For The Privileged


American Express Is Upgrading Their Parental Leave And Employee Benefits

By Fortune

As part of a larger effort to support employees


Drinks That Help Balance Your Hormones

By Mind Body Green

When I talk about hormonal health, I usually get deep into discussions around leafy greens


Microwave Ovens Can Cause Disease

By Organic And Healthy

It is a device called a  Magnetron in the microwave oven that produces wave energy.


You can actually give your valentine a chocolate mold of your butthole

Anyone still looking for a gift to give this Valentine’s Day is rapidly running out of time, and unless you feel like risking your prospects of getting laid on overnight shipping, you’ll probably want to get it out of the way.


Stripper ‘manipulated HBO executive into leaving her his life savings’

By The Daily Mail 

A 31-year-old stripper has been accused of seducing a lonely HBO executive into leaving her his life savings, just six months after they met at a strip club in Atlantic City.


Transgender male has the ability to breast feed his child

By Off Beat Home

Near the end of my pregnancy, I went to my first breastfeeding support meeting,


This happened when Africans and African Americans switched diets

By Think Progress

In recent years, public health experts have acknowledged that lowering the risk


104 Year old man says secret to long life is not using any soap

By Charisma News

Lloyd Baker turned 104 yesterday. His friends in Wyoming have postponed his party until tomorrow, however.


Find out which foods were said to be unhealthy but are actually good for you

By Charisma News

It turns out that many of the foods we’ve been told for decades to avoid have actually gotten a bad nutritional rap. One-time bad guys such as eggs, coffee and even salt are now being shown in studies to be beneficial in moderate amounts.


Before you eat that ice cream from Walmart find out why it doesn’t melt

By Dr. Mercola

Earlier this summer, a woman in Cincinnati noticed that her son’s Walmart-brand ice cream sandwich didn’t melt when he accidently left it outside for 12 hours, in 80-degree F weather.


Soon it will be illegal to collect rain water for personal use

By Collectively Conscious

Many of the freedoms we enjoy here in the U.S. are quickly eroding as the nation transforms from the land of the free into the land of the enslaved,


Study: Breastfed babies earn higher incomes as adults

By Madame Noire

Mothers hold the power to nurture their children into fat-pocketed, intelligent adults — with their breasts.


STUDY: Mothers with bigger butts have smarter children

By Elite Daily

Aesthetic appeal aside, a big derrière might be beneficial to women by helping out their children.


109 Year old woman says secret to longevity is eating porridge and avoiding men

By the Daily Mail

The oldest woman in Scotland has celebrated her 109th birthday and says the secret to a long life is plenty of porridge – but no men.