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Did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Commit Insurance Fraud?

By Yolanda Spivey

If you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris this week.


Don’t Let Money Ruin Your Relationship- Steps You Can Take To Prevent This From Happening

By Yolanda Spivey

Money has the power to cause a relationship to fail.


Yolanda Spivey: Can I Insure My Baby Daddy?

By Yolanda Spivey

A common question that I’m asked in my practice is, “Can I insure the father or mother of my child?”


Six things to consider when picking health insurance from your employer

By Michael Whitney

So you’re at your job and you receive a package from Human Resources containing options to choose a health insurance plan and upon reviewing the options, you’re baffled.   You simply don’t know which one to choose.


McDonald’s prove their McRib sandwich is all MEAT

By Michael Whitney

When high school teacher Wes Bellamy took to his Twitter account to voice his disgust on a picture he came across of a frozen McDonald’s McRib sandwich, the unthinkable happened next.  He was invited to a McDonald’s processing plant personally by the fast food chain to put an end to his disgust.


Kelly Rowland gives birth to a baby boy!

By Michael Whitney

Kelly Rowland is a mama now!  The Destiny Child’s singer along with her husband Tim Witherspoon welcomed their first child together.  The baby, A BOY, was born on November 4 at 1:30 p.m.  He weighed a whopping 7.5 pounds.  They named him Titan Jewell Witherspoon.


Which city has the highest auto insurance rates?

By Michael Whitney

Auto insurance is a product that is a must have if you drive a vehicle.  And every year, it seems as if it’s getting more expensive in every state.