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In Light Of Recent Sexual Assault Allegations, Russell Simmons Steps Down From All Positions Including ‘All Def Comedy’

By USA Today


You Can’t Kiss Everybody; New HPV Virus Rumored To Be Deadlier Than HIV/AIDS

By The Daily Berries

Students from Kisii University, Kenya and the general public at large have been warned


India Gets A Clue: Rules Sex With A Child Bride Is Officially Considered Rape – No Exceptions

By Global Citizen

India’s top court has ruled that sex with a child is always rape, quashing a clause


Polyamorous Married Couple Enjoy Amazing Sex Life – With Other People

By Daily Mail

A polyamorous married couple who both have ‘multiple’ lovers

NYC Landlord Threatens Tenants With Eviction If They Don’t Prove Their Immigration Status

By Daily News

Prove you’re a citizen — or get out.


Concern Rises for Sex Tourism Along Kenya’s Coastal Region

By Face To Face Africa

Known for its beautiful stellar beaches, world-class resorts, and unique cultures, the Kenyan coastal region is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations — not just in Kenya — but around the world.


Legislator Calls Out ‘White Male’ Counterparts For Skipping Speeches By Women of Color

By Huffington Post

On Monday, Minnesota state Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) spoke out against a public safety bill,



Mental Health Triage Center Offers Alternative To Jail For Mentally Ill

By Chicago Tonight

There is a new alternative to jail for the seriously mentally ill.


Customers catch Chinese restaurant owner bringing in a dead deer off the side of the road

Outraged customer at a North Carolina Chinese restaurant caught the owner taking in roadkill according to WSOCTV reports:


Nigerian Woman Burned Man’s Genitals With Hot Iron During Sex

*Hey, I’m no prude when it comes to well, you know…But sh*t just got weird.


Man who underwent the world’s first penis transplant got his girlfriend pregnant

By Daily Mail UK

The man who underwent the world’s first successful penis transplant is set to become a father after revealing his girlfriend is pregnant.


Video: White women travel half way around the world to pump bodies with Kenyan men

By Bossip

There is a conventional piece of wisdom among the storied Samburu and Masai warriors of Mombasa, Kenya.


Chinese restaurant says no Blacks allowed after 5pm so government shuts it down

By Melanoid Nation

A Chinese restaurant in Nairobi Kenya is the talk of town after it became apparent that the management


Over 500,000 Kenyan women sterilized without their knowledge or consent

By The Star

About 500,000 women may never bear children after being injected with a contaminated tetanus vaccine last year, Catholic Church claims in its final report on the controversial vaccination drive.


Kenyan doctors allegedly find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine

By Town Hall

Some potentially disturbing news out of Kenya: A statement signed by the 27 bishops of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops alleges that the World Health Organization and UNICEF are injecting Kenyan women with a tetanus vaccine that has been laced with a hormone that causes miscarriages and renders some women sterile.