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Venezuela To Launch Crypto Currency Backed By Oil, Gas, Gold In Days

By CNBC.com

Venezuela’s cryptocurrency will launch within days and be backed by 5.3 billion barrels of oil


Bronx Fire That Killed 12 People Started Accidentally By Toddler Playing With Stove

By New York Daily News

It wasn’t the first time the 3-year-old in the first floor apartment snuck off to play with gas stove jets


Decatur Man Poses With Cash On Social Media; Robbed And Killed Minutes Later

By WSBRadio.com

In the minutes before his death, 26-year-old Justuss Rogers posed for a photo with a load of cash,


Houston Man Charged With Murder; Nearly Decapitates Girlfriend With Sword

By ABC13.com


Man Who Ran ‘Nigerian Prince’ Email Scam Charged With 269 Counts Of Fraud

by WNGOABC.com

SLIDELL – A 67-year-old Slidell man who served as a go-between for an international team of scammers


Research Suggests That Poverty Physically Alters The Brain

by TheAtlantic.com

And the science is clear—when brain capacity is used up on these worries and fears,


UK Charity Sparks Outrage By Suggesting ‘Child Sex Dolls’ Be Given To Pedophiles By Prescription

by New York Post

A charity in the UK has sparked outrage by calling for so-called ‘child sex dolls’ to be made available for pedophiles on prescription.


Ohio Teens Who Dropped Sandbag From Overpass Now Charged With Murder After Victim Dies

by ABC.com

Four Ohio teens were charged with murder on Tuesday


Doctors Declare Erica Garner Brain Dead After Massive Heart Attack; No Hope For Recovery

by New York Daily News

Doctors have listed the daughter of police choke-hold victim Eric Garner as brain dead with no chance of recovery


CNBC Director Accused Of Using Bathroom Cam To Peep At Teen Nanny

by New York Daily News

A CNBC director who worked on finance guru Suze Orman’s show


Father Catches 44-Year-Old Teacher Having Sex With His 13-Year-Old Son In Car

By Independent.com

Father ‘found 13-year-old son and 44-year-old teacher having sex in car’

Omarosa Set To Earn As Much As $10 Million For Tell-All Book About The Trumps

by TheGrio.com

Now that Omarosa Manigault isn’t the Communications Director at the White House Office of Public Liaison,


As Wealth Increases In Africa, Obesity Becoming A Big Problem

by Los Angeles Times

The advertisements for junk food are everywhere.



White Teen Stabs His Black Stepfather To Death; Posts His Last Breath On Snapchat

By Vibe.com

A teenager from Aurora, Colo. has been charged with first-degree murder


Teen Murdered Over A $200 Pair Of Air Jordans, Mother Says

by Washington Post

All James Anthony Smith wanted for Christmas was a pair of bright red Nike Air Jordans.


After Watching ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’; Social Media Collectively Decides Santa Was A Jerk

by HuffPost.com

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” aired on TV Tuesday night, causing the name of the Christmas classic to trend on Twitter.


Designer Of ‘F**k Your Racist Grandmother’ Tees Says It’s Time To Make People Uncomfortable

by AfroPunk.com

New Jersey-based student Olatiwa Karade has been designing clothes


6-Year-Old Boy Tells Santa Off In A Letter

by HuffPost.com

A 6-year-old boy’s letter to Santa is going viral


More And More Americans Are Ditching The Religious Part Of Christmas

By HuffPost.com

More Americans are embracing the holly, jolly, cultural parts of Christmas and shedding the holy and religious aspects.


A One Horse Open Slay; Now Beyonce Can Be The Angel On Top Of Your Tree

By BET.com

As Christmas draws nearer, we ask ourselves: how can we incorporate Beyoncé,