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Alleged Racist Mother Of Bullied Boy Starts GoFundMe Account; Social Media Destroys Her

By New York Post

The outpouring support for a Tennessee boy who went viral tearfully talking about bullies 


Investigation Opened Into Fatal Police Shooting In Florida

By Daily News

An investigation is underway after a Florida deputy was caught on body camera video


India Gets A Clue: Rules Sex With A Child Bride Is Officially Considered Rape – No Exceptions

By Global Citizen

India’s top court has ruled that sex with a child is always rape, quashing a clause


Her Coach Told Her She ‘Didn’t Have The Right Chemistry For The Team’ Because She Didn’t Laugh At Racist Jokes

By Washington Post

Jasmine Orsted said the comments began almost immediately after she started practicing with other hopefuls seeking spots on the University of Mary Washington’s women’s basketball team.



No One Is Taking Note Of The Increasing Deportation of African and Other Black Immigrants

By Atlanta Black Star

Although often not covered in the media, the African immigrant community is facing mass deportations in the era of Donald Trump.


Mom Watches And Taunts Young Daughter As She Commits Suicide On Facebook Live

By Crime Online

Florida Department of Children and Families has accused the mother of a teen who broadcast her suicide on Facebook Live of not only watching the ordeal, but posting comments taunting her daughter.


Stranded Haitian Immigrants Get A Taste Of Home In Mexico

By Fusion

TIJUANA, Mexico — A local food stand in downtown Tijuana formerly known for


Cuban Doctors Are Doing The Most To Help Haiti

By Independent

They are the real heroes of the Haitian earthquake disaster,

Brazil Zika Birth Defects

CDC issues alert as Zika virus causing birth defects and spreading to US

By Mo Barnes

A dangerous disease known as the Zika virus has reportedly killed five babies in Brazil, and there is growing fear of unreported cases in the United States.


Rachel Dolezal is braiding and weaving hair to make ends meet

By The Daily News

Rachel Dolezal is braiding hair to make ends meet after her racial identity controversy put her in the crosshairs.


The shell of a cashew is toxic and can kill you- Other interesting facts

Be A Well Fed World

CASHEWS: DID YOU KNOW? Although most people think of a cashew as a nut, it is actually the seed of a cashew fruit.


Electric cable struck people at annual Haitian Carnival killing 20

By Independent UK

Haiti was confronting more heartache today after at least 20 people were killed and more than 60 injured after an electricity cable struck people taking part in the annual Carnival celebrations.