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Man who underwent the world’s first penis transplant got his girlfriend pregnant

By Daily Mail UK

The man who underwent the world’s first successful penis transplant is set to become a father after revealing his girlfriend is pregnant.


World’s first penis transplant performed on man in South Africa

By The BBC

The world’s first successful penis transplant has been reported by a surgical team in South Africa.

Benefits Life Insurance

New Parents- Why it’s important to insure your children, your parents and yourself

By Yolanda Spivey

When my child was first born, I took out life insurance on him immediately. As a person who is well versed in insurance products, I knew that unfortunately, anything tragic could happen at any time. I also couldn’t pass up the $1.00 a week premium that was offered to me for a policy payout of $50,000 on a permanent insurance product. It’s not a lot of money, but more than enough should a tragedy strike.