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Texas Finally Acknowledges Unprosecuted White Terrorist Massacre Of Entire Town Of Black People In 1910

By Timeline.com

Charlie Wilson, Cleveland Larkin, and Willustus “Lusk” Holley were walking down a dirt road


Black Women In The U.S. More Likely To Die During Or After Childbirth: Why?

By Essence

Late at night on February 4, 2010, when she was 37 weeks pregnant, Fathiyyah “Tia” Doster 


America’s Ongoing Tobacco Crisis: The Rich May Have Stopped Smoking – But Not The Poor

By The Washington Post

 — After decades of lawsuits, public campaigns and painful struggles,


Rest In Power- Dick Gregory Dies At 84

By Variety

Dick Gregory, the pioneering standup comedian and civil rights activist who made his advocacy work a key component of his on-stage persona,


He Submitted a Nearly Blank Application With No Experience, yet still landed a $110,000 a Year State Job

By Miami Herald

Before Gov. Rick Scott named Taylor Teepell to be the finance director of the New Republican Super PAC


FBI Translator Married ISIS Terrorist She Was Investigating


An FBI translator with a top-secret security clearance traveled to Syria in 2014 and married a key ISIS operative she had been assigned to investigate, CNN has learned.

D.C. Among First In Nation To Require College Degrees for Daycare Workers


WASHINGTON, DC – D.C.’s smallest learners will soon be the first in the country to have caretakers who are required to have university degrees.


The Rate of Joblessness for Young Black Men is a National Disgrace

By Real Clear Policy

The rioting in Milwaukee over a police killing of an armed black man has reanimated the issue of longstanding black joblessness. Between 2010 and 2014, Milwaukee’s average rate of black joblessness was 54 percent,


Keep Black Kids From Running Away By Not Beating Them

By Washington Post

Last month, a rumor that more than 500 mostly black and Latino children from the District of Columbia had been abducted and sold into sex slavery went viral on social media.

Young girl holding skateboard and preparing for a ride

10 Black and Latino Kids Have Gone Missing in 10 Days in D.C. – Where’s The Media?

By Urban Intellectuals

Black and Latina teens have been going missing quickly and in high amounts and the mainstream media seem to be dedicating very little time to talking about it.


Police Allege 67-Year-Old Woman Beats Boyfriend With A Bat For 36 Hours

By Yahoo

Investigators in Washington D.C. have arrested a woman for allegedly beating her boyfriend to death last week — with a metal baseball bat — over the course of 36 hours, PEOPLE confirms.


Designer Opioids Enter Local Drug Trade, Raising Death Toll

By Washington’s Top New

WASHINGTON — After two years behind bars, 46-year-old Worth “Danny” Lancaster

guns, pistols, rifle, revolvers, and ammunition

Fearful Minorities Are Buying Guns After Donald Trump’s Win

By NBC News

After Donald Trump’s win, Yolanda Scott is upgrading the crowbar


Chicago Denies Black People Concealed Carry Licenses

By Counter Current

Since the State of Illinois passed a controversial Concealed Carry Weapons


Black Women With A Criminal Record Have Harder Time Getting Housing In D.C.

By Huffington Post

WASHINGTON ― Black women with criminal records are treated less favorably


Fed Up Tenants Buy Building From Slumlord and Turn It Into Coop

By ABC 7

A group of neighbors in Northwest D.C. were fed up with what was going on in their building, so they bought it.

A man jogs during a warm day in Central Park, New York December 25, 2015. Much of the U.S. East Coast could see record high temperatures on Christmas Day and through the weekend even as a major winter storm looms for the southern Great Plains, forecasters said on Friday. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz - RTX202CH

America’s Fittest City is Going To Shock You

By The Huffington Post

If you love city life and want a healthy lifestyle, pack your bags and head for our nation’s capital.


DC Issues $1.4 Million Worth of Parking Tickets After Blizzard

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated..

In the Blizzard of 2016, the District issued $1,369,750 in fines for cars left on snow emergency routes — and towed almost 700 of them, the city said.


These 14 large police departments only killed black people this year

By Travis Gettys

Police in the U.S. have killed at least 1,152 people this year so far — and there’s no evidence that violent crime has any relationship to police violence.


Washington D.C. has the longest paid family leave time in the country

The District would become the most generous place in the country for a worker to take time off after giving birth