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Grandmother Has No Sympathy For Grandson Nabbed In Brooklyn Gang Bust

By NY Daily News

Shirley Gerard, though fighting back tears, showed zero sympathy for the drug gang corralled Friday in the Sheepshead Bay and Nostrand Houses — including her grandson.


NYC’s First Homicide Of 2018: Husband Stabs Wife To Death, Hangs Himself

by NYDailyNews.com

Just hours after a Queens couple rang in the New Year, the wife became the city’s first murder victim of 2018


The Key To Understanding Bitcoin: The Money In Your Bank Account Isn’t Real, Either

By Medium

Bitcoin is an illusion, a mass hallucination, so one hears.


Baltimore Detective Killed; Was Due To Testify Against Fellow Officers The Next Day

By Baltimore Sun

Slain Baltimore homicide Detective Sean Suiter was scheduled to testify before a federal grand jury


NJ Dealer Caught with $25k Worth Of Heroin Gets 6 Months In Rehab, No Prison

By NJ1015

TOMS RIVER — An admitted drug dealer who was caught with about 4,150 doses of heroin worth $25,000 was sentenced to just six months of rehab and five years of probation.


Stereotype Debunked: Study Finds White Youth More Likely To Abuse Hard Drugs Than Black Youth

By Salon
By now we can all agree that the real target of Reagan’s enduring war on drugs was never drugs, it was African Americans.


Designer Opioids Enter Local Drug Trade, Raising Death Toll

By Washington’s Top New

WASHINGTON — After two years behind bars, 46-year-old Worth “Danny” Lancaster


Drugs Are Detected In Seattle-Caught Salmon

By Healthy Holistic Living

Salmon is purported to be one of the healthiest foods due to its high omega-3


Couple Ends Up In Jail Because Baking Soda Was Mistaken For Cocaine

By Daily Mail

A couple who work for the military and who had never been in trouble with the law


Traces Of Cocaine Found In Coors Light Beer

By Global Weekly News

It has been reported by the FDA that cocaine has been found in Thousands of Coors Light beers nationwide.


Viagra & Prostitutes Causing a Spike in AIDS Diagnosis Among Elderly Black Men

By EurWeb

In the past, whenever an opportunity arose for O’Neal to pleasure himself, he would gleefully dig into his special


Natalie Cole passes away at the age of 65

By The Daily News

Chart-topping R&B singer Natalie Cole, who followed her legendary father into the music business with hits like “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)”


Doctor found dead outside of upscale crack house owned by an HBO producer’s pusher

By The NY Post

A supposed “girls’ night out” for a married doctor turned into a deadly drug binge with an


Longtime Janitor who only made $13K a year was school’s personal drug dealer

By The Ditmas Park Patch

A longtime janitor at Brooklyn College in Flatbush has been moonlighting as a campus cocaine dealer,


Synthetic marijuana is taking over East Harlem neighborhood

By The New York Times

It was early afternoon when the man with the twitching legs was dragged from the ground into an ambulance.


Woman eats crack cocaine in front of drug agents

By The Daily Mail UK

A woman who was wanted for theft tried to eat and swallow crack cocaine while being arrested by officers.


Woman arrested after beating her lover up with a dildo

By The Smoking Gun

A Florida woman is facing a domestic battery charge after allegedly using


Study: White collar workers more likely to commit suicide

By Market Watch

On May 28 at around 10:40 a.m., Thomas J. Hughes, 29, jumped from the 24th floor of his apartment building in Manhattan.


Bobbi Kristina is moved to a hospice as her condition deteriorates


On the same day Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family said she was moved to hospice


6 Year old performs CPR and saves his babysitter from overdosing on Heroine

By The New York Daily News

An Alabama babysitter overdosed on heroin, terrifying her 6-year-old nephew who tried to perform CPR